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The cruiser was a type of capital ship used by the Allies during the Second World War. It served as the core of the Allied navy.


The cruiser was armed with nine 8-inch guns in three three-gun turrets. This batteries delivered long-range range firepower capable of levelling bases. The heavy guns and armor came at the price of mobility and active defenses against aircraft and submarines. The cruiser relied on destroyers and gunboats for protection to ward off these threats.

The Cruiser was the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the Allied Forces and the crown jewel of the Allied navy. Highly resilient and equipped with aforementioned cannons, it was capable of leveling an enemy base in a matter of minutes. However, it was also slow and (its worst drawback) it had absolutely no sea-based defense, and had to rely on destroyers and gunboats for protection against Soviet submarines. Its cannons were also terribly inaccurate, but given their power, this wasn't a terrible flaw. However, more than one skillful admiral could command their cruisers to shell an area by the force-firing command, giving the cruiser a slight possibility of hitting Soviet subs and sinking them in the process, if lucky.

The Crusier is not seen in Red Alert 2 and was replaced by the Aircraft Carrier.

Game Unit

The cruiser is armed with four guns and, as in the cinematics, levels structures from long range and with ease. However, the guns are inaccurate. The cruiser may force-fire on sea-tiles to engage submarines. The Cruiser is also one of the most useful units to Chronoshift. It can be chronoshifted into waters right in front of an enemy base to bombard it without warning.

The cruiser is portrayed in the cutscenes as a Iowa class battleship. However, the Iowa class is a battleship and has three turrets with three 16 inch guns each, while the in-game unit had only two turrets with two 8inch guns.


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