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USA armor division
- Crusader tank rolling out of the War Factory
Gen1 Crusader Tank Icons

The Crusader tank was the American main battle tank during the War against the GLA.


Relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain, the Crusader mounts a 125mm[1] cannon, which is effective against tanks and other vehicles.

The Crusader's chief advantage over foreign competitors is its high tech armor protection that can be further upgraded as desired, as well as its its  main cannon which offers a punch equal to the Battlemaster Tank (without uranium shells). Like most US vehicles, drones can be assigned to serve a particular vehicle.



Gen1 Scout Drone Icons
Scout Drone The Scout Drone increases the vehicle's sight range and reveals nearby stealth units. Costs $100.
Gen1 Battle Drone Icons
Battle Drone The Battle Drone is armed with a small machine gun, and could also repair its parent vehicle. Costs $300.
ZH Hellfire Drone Icons
Hellfire Drone The Hellfire Drone, available in Zero Hour, fires a small but surprisingly powerful missile against enemy ground units. Costs $500.

Drones can be further upgraded with Drone Armor.


Gen1 Composite Armour Icons
Composite Armour This upgrade improves the armor of each Crusader. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $2000
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons
Advanced Training Allowed Crusader, along with all other USA units gain veteran status twice as fast. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $1500

Game unit

The Crusader has an edge over most other tanks due to its superior armor. This tank retains its usefulness even in late-game matches, being able to go head-on with all other vehicles in its same class.

However it is easily countered by anti-tank infantry and aircraft, as well as long-range units such as the GLA's Rocket Buggy, against which it has little defense.



  • Good against vehicles and buildings.
  • The most powerful basic MBT, in terms of both attack and defense
  • Can even handle the basic Marauder
  • Can be upgraded with Composite Armor for increased defense and Advanced Training for faster veterancy
  • Like most USA vehicles, can be upgraded with one of several drones


  • Weak against missile-armed infantry
  • Less powerful than Paladin Tank
  • Vulnerable to aircraft
  • Ineffective against infantry
  • Slow moving; can easily be destroyed by hit-and-run tactics
  • The most expensive of the main battle-tanks, at $900
  • Available only to the standard USA faction. Not available to the other US Generals


Crusader Tank responding
- When selected
Heavy armour, ready for action
- When selected
How 'bout a show of force?
- When selected
Armour detail reporting
- When selected
On your command
- When selected
USA armor division
- Leaving the factory
Proceeding to target zone
- When moving
Anywhere you say, sir
- When moving
Moving in
- When moving
Clearing terrain
- When moving
Taking new ground
- When moving
This'll wake 'em up
- When ordered to attack
Delivering ordnance
- When ordered to attack
Blow 'em wide open!
- When ordered to attack
Let's grease them
- When ordered to attack
In my field of fire
- When ordered to attack
Lighting them up
- When ordered to attack
Crush them
- When ordered to run over
Clear a path
- When ordered to run over
Out of the way
- When ordered to run over
Constructing Battle Drone
- When deploy Battle Drone (unused)
Assembling Battle Drone
- When deploy Battle Drone (unused)
Composite armor installed, sir
- Receiving the Composite armor upgrade



  • None of the American generals utilize the Crusader. Therefore, it does not appear in the Generals Challenge outside of several cutscenes.
  • Interestingly, this tank combines the resemblance of a real life Leopard 2 & M1 Abrams main battle tanks (further reinforced by the fact that the model's name is 'AVLeopard').
  • The Crusader was originally going to be armed with a coaxial machine gun in addition to its main cannon. Coding of the machine gun is still present in the game codes, being merely commented out instead of removed. It was likely removed for balancing reasons.
  • Much like the Raptor's early design, the Crusader also used a gold skin and completely different tread design. In some ways, the early design's chassis slightly resembled the Siege tank from the StarCraft series. Its model and its texture can still be accessed by browsing through the game's files.
  • The early design of crusader resembles the design of overlord tank, one of the chinese MBTs which was supposedly to be unit of US Faction but it was transferred to china and crusader was changed on it's design and use it as alternate different from it's previous design later which crusader became one of the US Faction MBTs instead overlord tank being to US Faction


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