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When we say freeze, we mean it!
- The Cryo Legionaire creed

The Cryo Legionnaire is an infantry unit deployed by the Allies in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising. They are armed with cryo-ray freeze weapons which freezes and immobilizes enemies cold.


In response to the high casualty of Peacekeepers during the war, the Allies and the FutureTech Corporation began the Legionnaire Initiative: a project to develop an elite infantry force. The result was the Cryo Legionnaires, which quickly impressed the Allies with reports of stunning battlefield victories and single-digit casualty rates.

Cryo Legionnaires were armed with the Frostbite cryo-cannon, a supposedly non-lethal weapon based on FutureTech's own Cryocopter, capable of quickly freezing all objects in a conical area in front of it. Their X-1 Instinct armor offered better protection than any other infantry armor, including the notoriously resilient Soviet Tesla suits, and heightens the wearer's reflexes, greatly improving their agility.

The Legionnaire armor was equipped with a back-mounted airbooster, which not only absorbs heat, but can also release the stored thermal energy for a short-distance flight. The mass of their body armor meant such a maneuver can be used to shatter frozen enemies. Thanks to FutureTech's Tundralest leggings, they can walk on water by flash-freezing the water under their feet.

Cryo Legionnaires undergo years of intense training to simulate the harshest weather conditions Allied forces ever experienced fighting the Soviet Union. Though Legionnaire candidates were selected from the top one percent of the fittest, strongest men in Allied Naitons, only two percent of these ultimately become Legionnaires. FutureTech claimed that Cryo Legionnaires must demonstrate not only physical prowess, but also a specific psychological profile optimally suited to the rigors that these men will face defending the Allies' and all the world's freedoms.


During The Uprising, Cryo Legionnaires were seen defending a secret FutureTech research facility in Murmansk. Inside the facility, several Legionnaires tested their cryo-cannons on Soviet civilians, one of which then crushed the frozen civilians using his airbooster while laughing sadistically.

Angered by this cruelty, Dasha Fedorovich sent in Kirov airships in an attempt to level the facility. However, Cryo Legionnaires garrisoned in multigunner turret were able to shoot down the Kirovs using cryo beams.

During the Allied attack on Osaka to subdue the rebel Imperial commander Kenji Tenzai, Cryo Legionnaires played an important role in subduing Kenji's troops, including a massive number of Imperial infantry.



RA3U Jetpack Icons.png
Boost Kick Launches the Cryo Legionnaire into the air and then crashes down to the ground, which can be useful for shattering frozen targets or leap into or out of battle.



  • Welcome to the Ice Age!


  • There's a cold front coming in!
  • Slushee, anyone?
  • Let's kick some ice!
  • Cryo Legionnaire!
  • Who's ready for a cold run?
  • It's snow time!
  • Need an ice sculpture?
  • Feel the chill in air?
  • I just love winter time!


  • I'm cool with that!
  • Like a cool breeze!
  • Ah, yes!
  • Alright!
  • I'm there!
  • The ice man cometh!
  • No problem!
  • I hear you!
  • Crystal clear!
  • Sliding over!

Moving to land

  • Enough with the water already!
  • The water's getting a little chilly!

Moving to water

  • I won't even get wet!
  • You think I should cool off in there?

Garrisoning Structure

  • Good place to chill!
  • I need to cool down!
  • How's the A/C?


  • Feel the chill of death!
  • Hold still!
  • Cool off!
  • Won't feel a thing!
  • Say freeze!
  • How about a cold one?
  • Freeze!
  • Chill out!
  • Here's the chiller!

Use Boost Kick

  • Allow me to break the ice!
  • This will crack him up!
  • Avalanche incoming!

Move to Attack

  • Put 'em on ice!
  • Make room in the freezer!
  • Another for the meat locker!
  • Turn on the ice maker!
  • Time for the deep freeze!
  • Let's make a snow man!

In combat

  • Are you cold or is it just me?
  • Stay cool!
  • Cool party!
  • Check out my ice sculpture!
  • Feel the icy cold!
  • No windshield is here!

Under fire

  • It's heating up over here!
  • Cool it!
  • Ow man, that's cold!
  • I'm on a rocks over here!



Surveillance Footage


  • The Cryo Legionnaires were possibly inspired by the Chrono Legionnaire.
  • The Cryo Legionnaire's abilities, accent and abundance of cold and ice puns are reminiscent of Mr. Freeze as played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman and Robin.
  • Even though they can destroy enemy units, they do not deal damage directly, and therefore cannot gain veterancy.
  • Their X-1 Instinct armor was mistakenly called "X-1 Impulse armor" near the end of the official profile.

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