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Cuba is a communist, Latin American island nation, located south of the United States mainland. It was part of the World Socialist Alliance during the Third World War, and was allied with the USSR.


Third World War, 1st iteration[]

Cuba is an ally of the Soviet Union, and a member of the World Socialist Alliance.

During the first iteration of the Third World War, Cuba was the site of Soviet nuclear missile silos, set up to threaten the United States. When the Allies began to look for a site to invade Moscow via Chronosphere, the Florida Keys were chosen. However, given their proximity, the nuclear missiles in Cuba needed to be dealt with first. The Allies eliminated the silos, effectively negating the threat Cuba posed.

RA2 Gameicon The following is based on the cooperative missions of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.

In the Texas DMZ campaign, the Cuban forces assist the Soviet Union in the invasion of the Southern United States.

Third World War, 3rd iteration[]

The Premier is lying and preparing an assault from a secret base in Cuba!
- Gregor Zelinsky

During the third iteration of the Third World War, Soviet scientist Gregor Zelinsky defected to the Allies and told them that the Soviets were planning to double cross the Allies and have stationed a large force in Cuba's capital, Havana.

Commander Giles Price and an unnamed Allied commander was dispatched with a few spies and a disguised Mirage tank to verify the scientist's claims. Sure enough, Soviet forces in Havana were on a war footing. It turned out the city's sport facilities have been converted into hangars for Kirov airships, armed with 50 megaton bombs ready to attack American cities. Reinforcements were sent in to deal with the threat.


The Cuban terrorist is a fanatic for the Soviet cause and will actually carry a bomb right up to the enemy before detonating it, destroying himself and anything nearby.
- Loading screen message

In Red Alert 2, RA2 Flag Cuba Cuba is one of the 4 playable Soviet countries. It exclusively has access to the terrorist.

Cut content[]

Cuba is internally named Latin Confederation in the rules.ini. Judging from commented out lines in the same file, it was meant to have veteran Crazy Ivans and the speed of units increased by 15% at one point during the development.

Cuba was supposed to have exclusive access to the Hind transport, which ended up being cut but still present in the game's files.


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