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Oh my God... That thing has a bug on its head!
- Nod Militant, horrified at the mere sights of Cultists
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A Cultist is a hybrid mind control unit of the Traveler-59 in Kane's Wrath.


The cultists are a fusion of two organisms; a captured human and a Prodigy parasite fused to their brain. The parasite overwhelms the emotional and logic centers of the brain, destroying the human's personality and turning them into just another member of the Cult of Traveler. Often, these Cultists fight in five-man squads, clad in robes.

New Cultists are created through a complex surgical procedure, that may not always be successful. The process begins by removing the skin around the head, and then the skull cracked along natural fissure lines and removed. To calm the human victim, cortical manipulators are used. The Prodigy spawn is then attached to the human, automatically controlling the important cerebral centers. With the help of the host brain, the spawn's mind control abilities are greatly increased. Once the process is finished, the symbiote is completely subservient to the Scrin. Like other Scrin infantry, it is healed by Tiberium exposure.

Strangely the Prodigy/Mastermind spawn is attached to the human upside down and thus when left idle can sometimes be seen upside down, giving the bug a walk.


CNCKW Advanced Articulators Cameo
Advanced articulators Add 85% speed to Cultists when upgraded (Ctrl+A). Purchasable at Traveler-59 Stasis Chamber for a cost of $1000 and takes 0:30 to research.


CNCKW Cultist Mind Control
Mind control Take control of the targeted unit permanently (or until the Cultist is killed), allowing that unit to be commanded by the Traveler 59 Foreman. Cultists cannot mind control other Cultists, Masterminds, Prodigies, structures, air units, or epic units. If a Cultist attempts to mind control another unit while already controlling another unit, the original unit will return to its previous ownership and the new unit controlled. This targeted ability has a range of 250 and a 20 second cooldown (Ctrl+A).


KW Cultis Mind Control

Cultists mind control a Purifier against a Militant rocket squad

These units are unarmed. However, they have the same ability as the Mastermind; they are able to take control of ground units. Unlike the Mastermind or Prodigy, Cultists can be trained in large numbers. They are unable to use their mental control abilities on epic units, air units, and buildings. The Cultists themselves are immune to mind control.

Despite their large squad size they can only control one unit at a time. Strangely, even if there is only one left, it can still control one unit. In theory, if they weren't grouped together, the same number of Cultists could control 5 units in total.

Their lack of armor leaves them particularly vulnerable to anti-personnel weaponry. Despite this, they appear to be far tougher than most infantry, able to survive more punishment.

Cultists can be garrisoned in bunkers and buildings. They cannot activate their mind control abilities while garrisoned, but they do maintain command of any units already controlled. This might prove useful in keeping them safe, should they capture a very nice unit, but beware garrison-clearing attacks.

The cultists' movement speed is greatly increased by the advanced articulators upgrade.

Unlike other Scrin units, the Cultists are capable of speaking in human language due to being partially human, albeit in distorted, echoing voices.



  • Quick to build, require only tier 2
  • Able to control enemy units
  • Relatively hard to kill


  • Require lots of micromanagement
  • Possess no conventional weaponry
  • Unable to control structures like Masterminds and Prodigies



  • We worship.
  • We are chosen!


  • The truth is out there.
  • We believe.
  • We are blessed!
  • Our minds are yours.
  • We give all of ourselves.
  • Your bidding?
  • Welcome!
  • We're but ants before the glory!
  • Such knowledge!


  • On our way!
  • As you command!
  • To obey is life.
  • Yes?
  • Suppliance.
  • We are as one.
  • So much!

Garrisoning Structure

  • Protect our gifts.
  • A fitting temple.


  • They too shall believe!
  • They will see the truth!
  • Their mind are ours!
  • We bend their wills!
  • Their purpose will be yours!
  • Such sights we'll show you!

Move to Attack

  • To mind link range!
  • To the unbelievers!
  • The blind shall see!

In combat

  • Pain is nothing!
  • The ultimate gift.
  • Yes!
  • Ahh!
  • Peace within.


  • We retreat!




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