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TD Gameicon The following is based on Tiberian Dawn cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Aero pack[]

A single-man aerial unit equipped with a 10mm Gattling gun.

Alien probe[]

A lifeform of obviously alien origin, the probe has two modes - one, dormant and another, aggressive, in which it unleashes its plasma beam on enemies.

Armoured stealth trooper[]

A peculiar unit, this walker has variable function feet: it can power walk or ride on wheels attached to them. It is also heavily armed, with four individual weapon systems designed to engage every possible threat.


A soldier wearing a unique weapon - the Berzerker suit, which features four autonomous SMGs, each of which can track and engage an individual target. The operator is free to use any weapon of his choosing, though the most commonly used is the 5 ga. Punisher shotgun.This could mean that GDI and Nod would have their own commandos later seen in Tiberian Sun.

Cyber grunt[]

A cybernetic soldier, the grunt dwarfs other humans and can make use of heavy weaponry not available to normal people.

M7 Microtank[]

This miniature tank features a unique, four track drive. The single pilot sits in an elevated cockpit, which has two 124mm RAGAT guns attached to the sides.

MGT-1A microwave gun tank[]

Truly a terrifying weapon, the microwave tank would generate arcs of electricity that dance from enemy tank to enemy tank, literally frying the crews in a rather horrifying display. The vehicle had a low-profile tracked chassis and a 10mm machine gun for anti-infantry defence.

VTOL heavy transport[]

A high performance aircraft, the transport features twin turboshaft engines and is capable of ferrying even medium tanks across long distances and can be modified to carry infantry as well. In this configuration, it could deploy airborne X-O Powersuit units.