Cyborg Commando (Tiberian Sun)

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For the Tiberian Twilight unit, see Cyborg Commando (Tiberian Twilight).
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Cyborg Commando
Internal name CYC2
Affiliation TS Nod logo transparent.png Nod
Role Heavy assault infantry
Armament Plasma cannon
Tier 3
Tech level 10
Hit points 500
Armor type Heavy
Cost $2000
Produced by Hand of Nod
Requires Temple of Nod
Ground attack 120 (PlasmaWH)
Cooldown 50
Speed 4
Attack range 7
Sight range 7
  • Heals in Tiberium
  • Uncrushable
  • Only one can deploy at a time
They will know fear.
- Cyborg Commando

The Cyborg Commando is an elite fighting unit within the Brotherhood of Nod appearing in Tiberian Sun.


Those cyborgs that perform well are further modified and promoted to the Nod Cyborg Commando ranks.[1] The Cyborg Commando is armed with a powerful plasma cannon that can make short work of vehicles, infantry and structures.

In-game unit

Cyborg Commandos, being heavy duty cyborgs, are only vulnerable to vehicles and aircraft with high-caliber weaponry; no infantry can ever dream of taking on the Cyborg Commando and still live to talk about it. It takes a number of Titans to subdue a Cyborg Commando, and the only true rival it has is the massive Mammoth Mk. II and even then, it stands a reasonable chance of winning a one on one fight with GDI's best vehicle. Cyborg Commandos were also vulnerable to EMP devices and all forms of air attacks.

As Tiberium enhanced soldiers, they can also heal when standing in a Tiberium field. The legs of the Cyborg Commando can fail and explode if he takes too much damage, showering the immediate area with Tiberium crystals. The Commando still retains its combat capability, however, the heavy damage significantly slows down its movements.


When selected

  • Your command?
  • Standing by.
  • Directive?
  • Status?

When moving

  • I obey.
  • Affirmative.
  • Executing.

When ordered to attack

  • Terminated!
  • Stand clear!
  • They will know fear!
  • For the Brotherhood!
  • I can smell their fear!



  • The Tiberian Sun manual erroneously states that the Cyborg Commando is armed with a chain gun and flamethrower.[1] This may be related to the fact that the Cyborg infantry was originally planned to be armed with these weapons.[2]


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