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Dangerous Skies is a side challenge for Commander's Challenge.

The FutureTech Commander returns to defeat Vera Belova and Giles Price again. Even though, Giles would've welcomed the Commander as he did with the Soviet Commander at the Von Esling Airbase in Iceland during the Third World War. Kelly Weaver says that Giles once again develops a grudge against Belova, but the Commander decided to end this one all over. This was the second part after Caught in the Crossfire and the next mission is Vicious Circle after the two-part episodes were done.


After the FutureTech Commander defeated both Giles Price and Vera Belova during his previous mission, the two decided to put aside their differences for the moment and use the combined might of the Allied Air Force and the Soviet Air Force against the Commander. Not wanting the two colluding with each other, FutureTech once again sent the Commander against the two.

Strategies and Notes[]

  • Giles will waste no time in sending Vindicators to bomb you.
  • Expansion is difficult
  • You can scare off Giles' Vindicators by positioning MiGs, Jet Tengu, or Apollo Fighters around.
  • Placing anti-air defenses will not scare Giles' Vindicators away.
  • If playing as the Empire, gaining access to naval units will be difficult.
  • Vera will spam Twinblades
  • Giles will have Apollos later
  • There is a tech airfield next to your base.
  • Vera will send infantry before Twinblades, but once she sends Twinblades, do not expect her to send infantry.
  • It is wise to send forces to Giles' base as quickly as possible. Eliminating him wipes out the threat of having your base bombed.
  • Slowly gaining ground, and reinforcing your expansions would be highly recommended since the commanders will be very aggressive.
  • Later on, Vera will send Reapers towards you. Having armored vehicles, and aircraft, on hand would be essential when fighting for ground.
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