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Dariel Deadeye MacInnis is a GDI special forces marksman appearing in Renegade.


Hailing from Scotland, Dariel Deadeye MacInnis is a tactical field sniper with incredible accuracy, the top GDI marksman; he has a nearly flawless ratio of shots fired and targets hit from 200 meters and beyond. He was formerly a member of the Special Air Service before joining GDI, eventually finding his place at the Dead 6.

According to Nigel Grant, Deadeye dislikes talking about the past of Dead-6 and their operations.


Ah, feels like old times doesn't it? See you at the cathedral then.
- Deadeye to Havoc after being rescued

Deadeye first appears in Mission 6: Deadly Reunion, he is inside an inn on the east side of the village the rest of the team are hiding in. After all the enemies in the area are dead, Havoc can talk to him for more information. Later, he appears with the other Dead 6 in Mission 8: Obelisk of Oppression.

He is playable in multiplayer mode, armed with his signature sniper rifle.


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