The Allies' notorious Attack Dogs are bred for battle near this training camp, run by Commander Hill, a washed-up old war hero who hasn't seen frontline battle in more than a decade. That is to say, his bark is worse than his bite. So how about we have a look at what he's up to? Jut keep in mind that while he's likely to be a pushover this time around, he'll probably remember some of his Id tricks when next you meet.
- Mission briefing

Dead Meat is the first main mission in Commander's Challenge.


The FutureTech Commander's first opponent is Douglas Hill, who runs a training camp close to an Allied attack dog training facility. Since Hill has not seen frontline battle for more than a decade, FutureTech expects the Commander to complete this mission with minimal difficulties.

Map Settings

Starting Cash: 10,000

Fog of War: Active

Other Notes: After 4:30 two Century Bombers will para-drop 10 heroic dogs into your base.

Under Par time

Using any sort of rushing tactic will work on this map, best thing to do on this map is to build lots of infantry (Peacekeepers, Imperial warriors and Conscript (Red Alert 3)) Will be easy enough to deal with the attack dogs. When the player has enough infantry to rush, go to the enemy base and start killing all the infantry, then the barracks and the Allied construction yard (Red Alert 3). Then proceed to destroy all the buildings.


  • In the Xbox 360/PS3 versions the player is given a built base  to start with(3 Power Structures, 2 Ore Refineries, 1 Vehicle Production structure and 1 Infantry Production structure.) unlike the PC version.
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