Deadly Reunion

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Deadly Reunion
Previous Stowaway
Next The Grip of the Black Hand
Game Renegade
Location Mediterranean village[1], France
Player CNC1 GDI Emblem.png Havoc
Opponent CNC1 Nod Emblem.png Brotherhood of Nod
Mission Transcript

Deadly Reunion is the sixth Renegade mission. In the mission, the Havoc rescues the members of Dead 6 trapped in a French village occupied by Nod forces.[2]


With help of the data Havoc retrieved from the volcanic island, GDI was able to pinpoint the captured scientists' location, tracking the jet to a chateau near the Mediterranean.[1]

General Locke dispatched the Dead-6 to locate and rescue them. However, their transport helicopter was shot down over the nearby village and they were forced to hide within the town. Captain Parker was dispatched to aid them and rescue the captured science staff. Upon his arrival at the village, he witnessed the execution of several resistance fighters by a Nod flame tank and decided to engage the Nod soldiers with his Vervack R-59 from the transport helicopter. The helicopter was promptly shot down by an Attack bike.

Captain Parker then engaged Nod in the village, aiding members of the Dead-6 along the road and saving them from Nod forces. Eventually arriving at the town's cathedral, Parker managed to kill Nod's elite Obelisk construction team as well as saving Lola Merkova, the local resistance leader from Nod interrogators. Upon repelling the Nod assault on the cathedral, he proceeded to go to the chateau alone.



  • If you do not want to fail escorting the resistance safely, go past the resistance's safehouse first and deal with the immediate Nod presence. Then return to the house and "speak" to the resistance members. When they start moving, more enemies will spawn, but at least you have cleared what you could do in advance.
  • To complete the death of Nod Engineers more easily, it's probably wise to contact the escapee first (although the escapee is located further down the street). After you talk to the escapee's brother, you will obtain a powerful weapon. Now you can return to the booth overlooking the Obelisk and use the weapon to quickly dispose of the heavier opponents, such as the chopper. Then switch to the Sniper rifle and concentrate on the Engineers without being distracted.
  • There is a Gun Emplacement and a Light tank that can be used in the mission.

New weapons


  • If you ignore Hotwire and proceed to rescue other people and run through the streets until you reach a destroyed Nod Buggy, she will say she cannot hold her position and Mendoza will shout "Your gonna bleed GDI" then Hotwire will crack her radio and she will be killed. The mission will fail as a result.


Commando difficulty walkthrough


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