Decoy Temple of Nod

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CNCKW Decoy Temple Cameo.png
Decoy Temple of Nod
A Decoy Temple of Nod deployed near an actual Temple of Nod.
Affiliation CNCKW Black Hand Logo.pngBlack Hand
Role Support power
Cost $500
Build time 5:00
Requires Tech Lab
Abilities Deploys a fake Temple of Nod

A decoy Temple of Nod is a support power used by the Black Hand in Kane's Wrath. It deploys a fake Temple of Nod to any location on the battlefield to convince the enemy that the player has built an actual one. It also creates a real nuke timer and draws power, but selling the fake Temple does not return any credits. It is best used when placing both a real and a decoy Temple of Nod in different locations to confuse the enemy.


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