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Defending the Fire is the second mission in the Chinese campaign of Zero Hour.[1]


In revenge for the destruction of their captured USA bases, the GLA reentered Asia and launched massive attacks against Chinese nuclear reactor stations in an attempt to disrupt Chinese power output and kill and maim millions with radiation poisoning.


The first raids[]

The GLA successfully infiltrated the region surrounding the Reactor stations. After establishing four bases of operations to hit at the power station, the GLA started to attack with their suicide units. The terrorists on the eastern side were mowed down by the Chinese gatling weapons but this proved to be a distraction. As all the defenders concentrated on the eastern front, the southern side was left undefended, so a squad of Bomb Trucks managed to destroy the Air field, ungarrisoned bunkers, the war factory and the Chinese command center. Thus the Chinese general had no dozers to reinforce his base and the reactors from further attacks.

Defending the fire[]

With no access to Construction Dozers, the general is forced to make the best out of all assets at hand for the next 10 minutes. Fortunately, two Nuke Cannons and their escorts come to his aid. They are promptly positioned strategically. The General's advisor noted that the Nuke Cannons are now equipped with Neutron Shells, which he uses to his advantage by neutralizing enemy vehicles before sending Red Guards to capture them. With time ticking on, the GLA continued to assault the reactor station with increasing ferocity and desperation, each assault only to be repelled by the Chinese defenders.

Arrival of the Helixes[]

A squadron of Helixes arrive from the south with some much-needed reinforcements, allowing the Chinese forces to re-establish a proper defense and started weakening GLA defenses from afar. Helixes were sent in initially, backed by tanks to wipe out surviving threats. Along the way the Helixes liberated the nearby town and three Chinese listening outposts that were under the GLA siege. After a short amount of time, all remaining GLA survivors had retreated from the assaulting Helixes, and the Nuclear Reactors are no longer under threat.


The Chinese victory ensured that the GLA would not ever again penetrate nor establish a strong foothold in China or the rest of Asia. The bulk of the GLA now resided in Europe, and with the US unable to retaliate, it was up to China to wipe out the terrorists once and for all.


While defending the facility, use Nuke Cannon's Neutron Shells to eliminate GLA infantry and disable vehicles. Garrison Bunkers and use what you have to build a stable guard force using stolen GLA vehicles.

After 10 minutes, build your base altogether. Use Helixes and build more if necessary. Capture the Artillery Platforms to soften GLA flocks. And use the Helixes to overrun the GLA bases. Destroy or capture the GLA bases (the former is much practical). Then try to rescue the listening outposts,although the defenders might die (except in the third one inside a GLA-controlled village). Use Helixes to eliminate the defenders and while you are on it, use ground units to eliminate or capture the buildings.


  • It is worth noting that although Lin Zhong mentioned that the player will be able to call for Carpet Bomber if the player can rescue the listening outpost, the rescue actually did not produce any effect, and the infantry arising from the rescue will be killed pretty quickly due to GLA's deployment of Quad Cannon or Toxin Tractor, though it is hard, but not impossible, to save them. The Carpet Bomber is, however, available through General's Promotion (3 stars) and the player may choose to use it if desired.




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