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Defense Class is one of the three classes introduced during the period between the Third Tiberium War and Fourth Tiberium War. This class is the only one which can build structures. They have the most raw firepower but are the least mobile.

The "Defense" class focuses on defense and makes greater use of infantry than other classes as of the Fourth Tiberium War, GDI infantry now utilise powered armor, while Nod infantry have been enhanced with Cybernetics.[1][2] Defense produces fewer units, but infantry are as powerful as light vehicles (due to GDI powered armor and Nod cybernetics, garrisoning and transports) and Defense has powerful defensive structures[3]—only the Defense class can build structures—such as defensive turrets, stealth-field generators, laser cannons,[2] tunnel networks, shield generators, outposts, bunkers, and superweapons.[4] Most structures simply pop up in the traditional style when construction is completed. However, a number of structures are vulnerable during construction.[5]

Defensive turrets should be placed carefully. The GDI rocket turret, for instance, can relay the position of enemies to nearby turrets, which can then fire on the unit, similar to the USA Patriot Missile System.[4]

Structures cost power, of which a Defense player has a limited amount, usually enough for about 12 structures. More powerful structures cost more power.[1]

Defense structures now have veterancy; tier 1 structures gain more resiliency and tier 2 structures gain add-ons such as rockets or flamethrowers.[4]

The Defense Class can enhance their structures with upgrades. One of the few upgrades we know about is advanced shielding technology, which increases shield health and regeneration.[4]

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