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One of our secret training facilities is under attack by a wayward company of poorly-trained Soviet forces. Although they managed to surround this position, we have the high ground, and believe that their impulsive commander Moskvin will not hesitate to send his troops crashing against our defenses. We expect you will encounter no problems here.
- Challenge briefing

Defense of The Archipelago is the third main challenge in Commander's Challenge. In this mission, the FutureTech Commander battles Nikolai Moskvin to acquire the Tesla Trooper technology.


Moskvin's forces has surrounded a secret FutureTech training facility, intending to destroy it with waves of infantry. However, the FutureTech Commander has the high ground, and FutureTech dismisses Moskvin's forces as poorly trained, trusting that the Commander would have no problem dealing with them.


Best faction: Soviet with War Bear unlocked.

Enemy Strategy: Infantry spam. Conscripts, then Flak troopers, then Tesla Troopers

Other Notes: You don't have to destroy all the buildings at the first 4 camps you attack, only the MCV and Barracks.

As soon as you start, build three Barracks at the exit of your base and then train three war bears at each base (note that you need two Reactors and one Refinery) to do this trick but take your time. Put the bear at the exit of the enemy's barrack and train one engineer at each base and capture the construction yard, sell it and let the new engineer capture the Barrack, if you do it quick and synchronize, all of the first 4 bases will be sold out, simply capture the last base with engineer.

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