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Defensive maneuvers are an upgrade for the GDI Support Class in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.


Prior to the beginning of the Ascension Conflict, GDI began outfitting its Kodiaks with power redirection circuits and "Lightning" Armor to help improve their survivability against laser weaponry. Lightning Armor, as it is commonly called, strengthens itself proportionate to the electric current that is passed through it; the helmsman can engage power redirection circuits to activate the armor by rerouting the primary power from weapons systems. Some of this power is also routed to the engines to grant the Kodiak a speed boost, and helmsmen are being trained in defensive maneuvers to take advantage of the increased speed and armor.


After purchasing the upgrade, the Kodiaks gain the Defensive Maneuvers ability, which dramatically increases their armor and speed, as well as boosting the armor of nearby allies, but disables their weapons for the duration of the ability.


  • Despite it's area abilities is to boost the armor of nearby allies, the ring radius is use the repair radius one (notice it's wrench icon surrounding the radius) instead of armor radius that are used by the Leviathan, which can be mistaken for the abilities to repair units inside the radius.
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