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Demo Traps were basic GLA defenses. The Demo Trap was essentially an IED, composed of a barrel filled with an explosive cocktail with dynamite wrapped around it. With the option for either proximity-based or manual detonation, and hidden from the sight of the majority of enemies. Using Demo Traps, the GLA could considerably restrict enemy advances with an explosive surprise to over-confident enemy generals who attempted rush tactics towards GLA strongholds. In particular the GLA peppered key routes around its newly-acquired European bases with Demo Traps. Each one packed a considerable punch, being enough to gut a tank in a single blast. While crafty and a hinderance, once detected by stealth-detection units, such as the Listening Outposts, can be dispatched safely, as they don't react well (and earn experience in the process). Worker units in Zero Hour can also defuse them safely as well, though this risks the owner of the Demo Trap detonating it as they approach the trap.

Demo traps are laid down by GLA Workers for 400 credits, they are burried just under the surface, making them stealthed. They have a very large blast radius and exceptional power but are single-shot, disposable weapons, meaning they are to be replaced. Stealthed ground units that venture too close can also set off the proximity fuse, if one is selected. While the bombs don't detect stealth, they naturally can't explode from passing aircraft although they can shrug off some damage before exploding.

General Rodall Juhziz, used his creativity for pyrotechnics to create an even more devastating, and cheaper, Advanced Demo Trap.

Dr. Thrax, very well known for his love of Anthrax, filled his with toxic Anthrax that would cover the remains with its poison but this is known to be more expensive than their normal counterparts.


Gen1 Proximity Fuse Icons Proximity Fuse - Explode when enemy gets near.
Gen1 Manual Control Icons Manual Control - Explode on the general's command.
Gen1 Detonate! Icons Detonate! - Explode the demo trap.

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