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Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark, is a country in northern Europe.

Tiberium universe

Denmark was a GDI-affiliated nation. At one point during the Second Tiberium War, Nod gained an initiative in securing a toxic waste dump from the chemical missile facility and its chemical supply center in Germany. If the toxins are used, Europe will soon be under a bio-chemical hazard, causing thousands of deaths within the war. By 2042, Denmark was classified as a Blue Zone throughout north-west Europe to support the Global Defense Initiative.

Red Alert universe

During the Second World War, Denmark is apart of the Allies. The Soviet Union, shortly before the attempting to retake a vital pass in southwest Poland, invaded and occupied a part of Denmark. Taking it completely over for a short duration, but the Allied Forces liberated Denmark and launched a raid on a secret base on the Bornholm Island and succeeded in destroying the base and liberating the entirety of Denmark.

In the third iteration of the Third World War, Denmark was apart of the Allies and it, alongside northwestern Germany and the Netherlands were the last footholds for the Allies in Europe on the eve of the Soviet invasion of Britain.

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