Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark is a country in northern and north-west Europe. It supported GDI forces during the Tiberium Universe and the Allies in the Red Alert Universe against a Soviet, later Imperial invasion.

Tiberium Universe

Denmark supported the GDI cause against Nod in destroying enemy occupation and its supporters on Earth. At one point during the Second Tiberium War, Nod gained an initiative in securing a toxic waste dump called the Chemical Missile Facility and its Chemical Supply Depot in Germany. If the toxins are used, Europe will soon be under a bio-chemical hazard, causing thousands of deaths within the war. By 2042, Denmark was classified as a Blue Zone throughout north-west Europe to support the Global Defense Initiative.

Red Alert Universe

The Soviet Union conquered Denmark, but Allied Forces came to the rescue about an enemy base that was held on Bornholm Island. Field Commander A9 was sent by Von Esling to overlook the investigation and destroy the garrison. A Cruiser managed to destroy all of the Soviet base to rubble. In a War of the Three Powers, Denmark was left out in the Soviet conquest of Europe. The Supreme Allied Commander, Field Marshall Robert Bingham established the safely evacuated Northern Theater of Operations from Norway to this country for his garrisoned base. The Allied Command Center in Amsterdam would've been called the Southern Theater of Operations after Soviet forces conquered Spain.

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