Department of Covert R&D

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Tiberium Wars (mentioned)

The Department of Covert R&D is one of the councils that participated in the Annual Energy Summit on the GDSS Philadelphia.

The Meeting

Lia Kinsburg sets up a meeting with the director of this company and Redmond Boyle about the Blue Zone controlled status of energy in them. They were deciding that Global Defense Initiative Command had the right of Tiberium being used as resources and how much would collecting this pay up to. Suddenly, a Nuclear Missile hits the station and debris flung back, crashing onto Earth with full force as news reports blame an accident inside the space station's monitors. Kane, the Nod messiah calls this a bullet struck to the head after he says the accident wasn't true. Now that led to the Third Tiberium War as the Brotherhood invaded a portion of GDI Central Command's eastern coast in the United States of America. The GDI Commander came to defending the last Command Center in the world, the Pentagon while a Nod Commander destroys GDI's air traffic control at the Andrews AFB. As Redmond Boyle survived the incident up in the Philadelphia, he came down to take control of GDI's treasury and Covert R&Ds due to their secretary of state's death.

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