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Destroy Chemical Missile Plant is the ninth GDI mission in the Tiberian Sun campaign. It takes place in Germany during the Second Tiberium War.[1]

EVA briefing[]

Nod's main chemical missile plant is located in this area. It is responsible for the large amount of Tiberium poisoning and accelerated mutations of wildlife in the surrounding areas. Destroying this facility will prevent Nod from furthering the acceleration of Tiberium poisoning on the planet.

  • Objective One: Destroy Nod's missile silos.
  • Objective Two: Destroy all Nod forces.


Nod has launched chemical missiles against Europe to accelerate the spread of Tiberium. General Solomon has ordered McNeil to take out the plant producing the missiles. EVA pinpoints the plant's location to a site near Hamburg. Before the assault begins, unidentified Nod aircraft attack the Kodiak on the way.


Having grounded Nod's chemical missiles, McNeil learned from Tratos that he helped Kane translate the Tacitus, which made it possible for him to accelerate the Tiberium poisoning. Solomon however prioritized the halting of Nod's prototype aircraft over Kane's possible plans.


First off, it's worth noting that this map is a narrow East-West corridor, and GDI starts on the west, so it should be obvious that any Nod forces will attack from the very east. There are two ways to your starting position, and you have to build up your base quickly. Two refineries serviced by four harvesters will be enough. Build defences and a Firestorm Generator bordering the base from east with Firestorm Barrier, because Nod will send many missiles. Ground defences are also convenient (2-3 turrets).

Nod will be likely to send either subterranean flame tanks or Subterranean APCs filled with engineers and cyborgs to cause some ruckus in your base. Building a Mobile sensor array will help keep track of these incursions, and turrets are best placed inside the base rather than on its border, which should be defended with your actual ground forces. You will be regularly given small amount of mutant infantry reinforcements.

When you have a base and defence up and running, it is time for the offensive. Build helipads and Orca Bombers, spy out the Nod base and stick to hit-and-run tactics that will gradually wear down Nod. Eventually, you'll get to take out the Nod power plants that lie on the very east of the base. Carpet bombings are the best option.

Also, there will be a timer counting how much time is left until mutants sabotage the Nod power supply. Waiting won't be hard for you, because land forces are the last needed to destroy Nod base. Bomb Banshee's helipads in south-east and every obelisk and artillery that blocks assault of your ground force. Ground force should consist of GDI Titans, Wolverines, and Hover MLRSes to deal with occasional Nod Banshees. Disruptors are also a good way to smash across enemy infantry and take on laser turrets (which still work after the power shut down).

There are two ways to stop Nod sending missiles: Destroy the three missiles silos or the two chemical facilities to stop bomb production.

Once you are inside the Nod base and all key buildings are wrecked, all that remains is the easy elimination of any remaining forces.



Disruptors destroying a Banshee hideout (mission accomplished cinematic)


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