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Destroy Chemical Supply is an optional GDI mission in Tiberian Sun. It takes place in Denmark during the Second Tiberium War

EVA Briefing

This chemical supply station is providing vast quantities of Tiberium toxins to a number of Nod research programs in the area. Destroying this site will seriously hinder further Nod research and prevent this base from transporting reinforcements to others in the sector.

Intelligence reports advise caution when near any of the chemical tanks and facilities, as the toxins contained within are highly corrosive and equally deadly to soldiers and vehicles.

  • Objective One Find a suitable location for a base.
  • Objective Two: Destroy the Nod Chemical station.
  • New Objective: Get Ghost Stalker onto the train. Ghost must not die!

Strategy analysis

GDI forces starts with an MCV, 2 Hover MLRS, 2 Disruptors, and optionally, if Rescue Prisoners is finished, a small group of mutant infantries.

Setting up a base

There are two practical locations to deploy the MCV:

  • Around the a small Nod Tiberium waste station east of the starting area. By itself the station is useless and can be captured and sold. Primary shortcoming of this location is limited space for building construction.
  • On a plateau a bit further to the east. This location is optimal, as resource and space are both abundant, and the location is easy to defend. Plus, the aforementioned waste station can be captured later for expansion.

Nod will begin firing Chemical missiles at your base. See "Notes" for discussions.

Dealing with the veins

Tiberium veins to the east of the player's base are a double-edged sword. One one hand it hinders the player to mobilize heavy armor, on the other it will devour the vast majority of Nod vehicles attempting to breach the GDI base. Because of this, if the "air assault" approach is chosen, the veins are probably better be kept as they are.

Attacking the Nod Base

There are two primary ways to destroy the Nod base: frontal attack, and air assault.

  • Frontal Attack

It is generally not cost effective to initiate a frontal attack, especially on higher difficulties. If this way is insisted, the veinhole monster must be destroyed for the GDI armored to advance. Nod base entrance is "double insulated" and guarded by artilleries, and obelisks. The bottom line is a sizeable army is normally enough for a pyrrhic victory. To limit casulties to an acceptable level, use air support to deal with artilleries.

  • Air Assault

The heart of the Nod base is beyond a cliff across the river, heavily defended by SAMs. Fortunately, an EMP cannon deployed near the Waste Station can cover most SAMs within its range. From there, Disruptor tanks can be force-landed by Carryalls. It takes no more than a few to wreak havoc inside the Nod base. The missile silo should be the primary target, followed by helipads, as disruptors has no AA defense. It is even better to set up an expansion base for localized reinforcements, with captured Nod buildings. Nod will not survive for long from the blight from within. 

Finding the Ghoststalker

Reaching the northwest corner and the player will spot a train, and it will trigger a bonus objective (see "Notes"). By itself, the Ghoststalker is not of much strategic use, although he can help tear down Nod base structures


  • Escorting the Ghost Stalker is a hidden objective, and the only one in the entire Tiberian Sun.
    • Even if this objective is triggered, it is still optional. The mission will be successful as long as two original objectives are met. Although, death of Ghost Stalker will fail the mission. Finishing both the hidden objective and the primary objectives will lead to a hidden optional level: Mine Power Grid.
    • It can be triggered with ground forces approaching the train only. Air units, even Jump Jet Infantries on foot, will not count.
  • Despite EVA's warning on the volatility of chemical tanks, it is actually safe to destroy them in conventional ways. It can be assumed that chemical tanks are supposed to release toxic clouds upon destruction, but the idea was not implemented.
  • It is possible to build a Firestorm defense network to intercept chemical missiles, but its value is debatable at most. The system is costly to build, consumes a lot of power, and requires precise manual timing. What's worse, it cannot stop toxic clouds from spreading.
  • Completing this mission will not reduce the frequency of missile attack in the following mission. The actual benefit is the erasure of a Nod extension base close to GDI deployment zone.


  • Nod AI won't replace lost buildings for this mission.
  • Even with Nod Tech Center destroyed, Nod can still build advanced vehicles.




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