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Destroy Hassan's Temple is the third mission in the Nod campaign of Tiberian Sun. It is set in the final battle of the First Nod Reunification War.[1]

CABAL briefing[]

The Infidel, Hassan, has been tracked to this region of Cairo. Build a base and eliminate this would-be pharaoh, the pretender to Kane's throne.

  • Objective One: Cross the bridge and destroy the enemies on the far side.
  • Objective Two: Deploy your MCV and begin building a base.
  • Objective Three: Locate and destroy Hassan's Temple.


With his forces wiped out and control over the Nod News Network lost, General Hassan's position was collapsing around him and his domains quickly fell into chaos. Anton Slavik now prepared for the final assault on Hassan's central base of operations, the Temple near Cairo. It had been built to resemble a pyramid in imitation of the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

However there were still many in the Brotherhood of Nod that remained loyal to him and these had gathered to defend his home against the advancing rebels. General Hassan would not be captured without a fight.


Stand and identify yourself in the name of Kane... Sound the alarm! Slavik's forces are here!
- Hassan's guards detecting Slavik's forces

A small force of rebel attack buggies and light infantry arrived from the southeast and fought there across a bridge across the river running through the area.

Upon arriving at the other side an MCV was dispatched to establish a base and at the same time the initial Nod force may have been joined by some reinforcements loyal to a certain general that they may have freed which would had arrived by means of Subterranean APCs.

Having established a base they were able to replenish their forces with fresh reinforcements but they still faced fierce opposition from the two loyalist bases in the area, one to their south and the other to their north. It was the northern base that guarded Hassan's Temple.

Slavik's forces were eventually able to overrun the defenses of the northern base and destroy the Temple of Nod despite fierce loyalist resistance. In a bid to escape the collapsing Temple, Hassan attempted to flee the area in his Harpy.

We have Hassan pinned and ready to be brought in, Commander Slavik. Orders are complete.
- Slavik's troops capture Hassan

But Slavik had cleverly preempted his move, placing some squads of Rocket infantry in Subterranean APCs in the vicinity. Emerging from the earth they shot down the Harpy and forced Hassan to eject as his Harpy was shot down. The intact and alive Hassan was soon captured by the rebels and bundled off for execution.


The jubilant rebels gathered to watch Hassan's execution personally at the hands of the Serbian Wolf. With a knife Slavik cut the throat of Hassan, declaring him a "sickness that has now been cut out" and left him to die on the floor.

Yet this event was overshadowed forever by another even more significant event, Kane had chosen the very moment to reappear in front of everyone and support Slavik. By using some kind of software manipulation to hide his burns, he now appeared before everyone once again as he had in the First Tiberium War.

With Hassan's death and Kane's reappearance the loyalist cause completely collapsed. The First Nod Reunification War was over and the rebels led by Slavik had united Nod under their command and that of the Messiah seemingly returned from the dead.

Kane called for them to destroy the Global Defense Initiative and all over the world they obeyed as one, suddenly emerging from their hiding places to begin their attack against GDI. The GDI were initially overwhelmed, their forces scattered and unable to easily deal with the overwhelming Nod offensives.

The Second Tiberium War had now begun.



Nod emblem (mission accomplished cinematic)


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