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Destroy Nod Base is the second GDI mission in the Command & Conquer demo. It is a modified version of the Slovenia route for the Orcastration mission.


Nod has a major base in the region. They are to be eliminated with support from the ORCA.


The mission begins peacefully. Expand eastwards and set up resourcing (with at least two Harvesters). The initial force of Mammoths is enough to keep the enemy at bay, so build up an army at your leisure. Explore the area with Humvees and destroy any turrets with the ORCA. Only the Nod base has SAM sites, so the only threat the aircraft is facing are Nod missile soldiers.

Remove them to get the airstrike support power. Once you have about nine Medium tanks, consider attacking. The base has a single Obelisk of Light defending it, so overwhelming it with armor is the most tactically sound choice.

When the base is destroyed, mop up the remaining Nod stragglers.


  • For some reason, the village in the lower left hand corner of the screen is permanently marked as an enemy for both Nod and GDI.
  • Destroying the two SAM sites will grant you access to the airstrike support power.

Differences with the retail version[]

  • You begin with six Mammoth tanks, instead of two medium tanks and two Humvees.
  • The demo mission only has two SAM sites at the north of the base. The full game also includes two additional SAM launchers at the south end.
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