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Find out where those fighters are coming from and shut 'em down! I don't care what it takes.
- James Solomon

Destroy Prototype Facility is the tenth GDI mission of Tiberian Sun. It takes place in southeastern Europe during the Second Tiberium War, where Banshees are being developed. This mission offers two choices for the location of conflict, but the mission remains the same.[1]

EVA briefing[]

One of two possible locations of the prototype manufacturing facility. Use the mutants to locate the position of the production facility. The mutants must remain undetected. If Nod suspects enemy forces in the area, they will cloak the facility and deploy troops to destroy them. If the mutants can hide from the Nod troops for a short period, the base will assume the area is clear and uncloak. Once we record the location of the base. GDI dropships will arrive with reinforcements.

  • Objective One: Using mutants you must locate the Prototype Manufacturing Facility.
  • Objective Two: Once the facility is located reinforcements will be sent in to help construct a base. You are to destroy the Manufacturing Facility at this time.


After the destruction of the chemical missile facility, Tratos confessed to McNeil that he helped Kane translate the Tacitus, giving Kane the knowledge how to transform the Earth with Tiberium. McNeil tries to tell General Solomon of Kane's plan, but having been surprised by Nod's prototype Banshees during GDI's attack on the plant, Solomon ordered the complete destruction of the prototype facility before McNeil had a chance to report. EVA pinpointed two possible locations of the facility and noted that Nod is using stealth generators to cloak the facility. Umagon volunteers to lead the mutants' party to find the facility using stealth before McNeil sent in a force to wipe it out.


TS Mammoth MkII Render

The Mammoth Mk. II

Regardless on the choice of location, the first party always come with full Forgotten service such as Ghost Stalker, Umagon, and mutant hijacker. Roaming the field, they might encounter a Nod outpost and nearby Banshees flying. If the selected mission is in southern Croatia, the mutant hijacker can take control of an old Mammoth Mk. I that used by Banshee pilots for target practice. Advancing further, the party discovers the base. But due to detection, the base cloaks itself. The mutant force withdraws shortly thereafter (excluding hijacker if he commandeered anything).

After this, GDI sends in a task force which, among else, included an MCV and a Mammoth Mk. II, upon which a sizable army finished the facility off.


  • Curiously, the player is not permitted to build a GDI Tech Center in this mission, which in turn means that Disruptors, Orca Bombers and the Firestorm Defense are unavailable.
  • It can be assumed that the Croatian variant of the mission is canon, as in the Third Tiberium War, Lt. Kirce James refers to a base in the country that was built during the previous war.
  • If the player captures the Nod construction yard and techs up, the Temple of Nod is available, as are the production options that come with it, including the mutant hijacker. This option makes this mission the only instance in both Tiberian Sun and Firestorm where a player can control more than one of the same commando unit.


Introductory cutscene[]

"Croatian" variant[]

"Hungarian" variant[]

Ending cutscene[]


"Unstoppable" Mammoth Mk. II (mission accomplished cinematic)


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