Destroy The GDI Research Facility is the ninth mission in the Nod campaign of Tiberian Sun.


The Nod-Forgotten alliance

Thanks to their false flag attack on the Forgotten base,Nod had managed to finally retrieve the Tacitus and the Forgotten mutants were hostile towards the GDI after the latter's apparent attack on the Mutants' headquarters. This action caused the Forgotten to openly side with the Brotherhood even though their leader Tratos had actually been recaptured by Nod during the attack and had previously been rescued from Nod hands by Michael McNeil's GDI forces.

As a result Kane received intel that GDI may have a found a serum to reverse the effects of Tiberium Divination. Although Oxanna Kristos was skeptical, Kane nevertheless saw this as a potential threat to his plans. Anton Slavik was given the task of eliminating the threat and decided to use the mutants to aid the attack on the research facility.

The research facility in Texas

The research facility was located in Texas, close to the city of Victoria within the large GDI, military zone covering most of Texas. Fortunately recent gains for Nod in the USA and Mexico since Anton Slavik had arrived, made an offensive on Texas entirely feasible.

He may also have taken the opportunity to retrieve the bio-toxin trucks from a Nod base that had been left abandoned and half ruined when Nod had been driven out of Texas during Michael McNeil's earlier campaign in the USA.

Regardless however it was now time to carry out the assault on the facility.

The battle

Meeting with the mutants

A Nod informant was inserted into Victoria, Texas and was instructed to locate the mutants at the hospital on the north outskirts. After dispatching a GDI light infantryman guarding a truck full of supplies close to the hospital, the mutants emerged to retrieve the supplies and the Nod Spy was able to rally them to attack the GDI.

The next objective was to control both sides of the tunnel leading from the city to the research facility using the Forgotten mutants. Deadly skirmishes were fought between the mutants and GDI patrols, the latter being surprised at where the 'shiners' had even sprung up from. The Nod informant had led the mutants to the the tunnel and they eliminated all the GDI units present at both sides of the tunnel as they had planned.

Establishing a Nod presence

While the mutants headed off to attack the facility, a MCV with an escort force of attack cycless and attack buggies arrived in the area from the south. Nod then moved the MCV to a suitable location and began to construct a base.

The MCV may have been deployed near an abandoned US Missile Silo to the north and as long as Anton Slavik had retrieved the bio-toxin trucks from the abandoned Nod base near Abilene they could brought the missile silo under the Nod control allowing the two bio-toxin trucks to arrive in the area and unload the stuff at the silo. This would have given the Nod forces the means to manufacture a one-off cluster missile to use in the assault.

As Nod consolidated their positions the mutants were hacked down at a GDI outpost north-east of the Nod base. But mutant reinforcements regularly arrived north-west of the Nod base approached the research facility. Used as fodder, they would had removed much of the shroud covering the area for Nod, but would have not likely had been a match for the GDI's units.

Destruction of the GDI research facility

Thanks to the united efforts of the Forgotten and Nod, the research facility was finally in sight. Nod could have wisely used their new Artillery in order to raze the facility to the ground from a distance rather than trying to bombard the research facility and the rest of the base from the high-ground to the north-west thus avoiding the majority of the base's defenses. But however it was done, the GDI facility was utterly razed to the ground, it's scientific staff killed and their research destroyed.


The capture of Slavik and Oxanna

In the end however, the whole thing was a trap set by the GDI and the Forgotten working together. Just as Nod had tried to deceive the Forgotten into believing that they were allies against the GDI, the Forgotten had done exactly the same thing. They had never in fact been a Tiberium anti-mutagen serum being researched at Victoria, Texas, just false intelligence deliberately fed to Nod by the Forgotten in order to lure them into the trap that the GDI had planned.

Thanks to Nod's 'alliance' with the Forgotten, the GDI had now learned of the secret location in Texas from which Anton Slavik and Oxanna Kristos were commanding the Nod forces involved in the assault on the research facility. Just as Anton Slavik and Oxanna Kristos celebrated their victory, GDI forces swooped down on their command centre and brought them as captives before a gloating McNeil, supreme commander of GDI forces in the USA and their former captive Umagon.

McNeil mocked Anton Slavik, asking him "Did your great god tell you you were going to die today?" to which Slavik replied "I live for Kane, I die for Kane, same difference,". It was at this point that Michael McNeil sent Anton Slavik and Oxanna Kristos off into captivity in Europe, sparing their lives.

Nod overruns Texas

While their commander had been captured and the research facility they had attacked proved not to have been as valuable as they had been led to believe, Nod forces had even-so managed to overrun the Texas military zone. While McNeil had captured his great adversaries and sent them into captivity, his strategic position in the USA now looked grim.

Nod had successfully undone most of the gains that Michael McNeil had won during his previous campaigns, while they still had territory in the south-western USA and now as far as is known held most of Mexico, they had successfully returned to the territories they had lost.  Though Anton Slavik and Oxanna Kristos would never return to the USA, Michael McNeil was still died down in the Americas, fighting against a Nod force that had proven able to recover from all his previous victories.  

It is not known exactly what transpired as regarding the continuing hostilities between the GDI and Nod forces, but it seems to be the case that Nod forces were ultimately victorious in grasping control of the south-western USA.  The states in that area were to all intents and purposes to secede from the Union after the Second Tiberium War, evolving in a sort of Nod dominated Anti-USA that would by the Third Tiberium War grow so powerful as to be able to briefly occupy the White House and so symbolically dethrone the actual GDI dominated US government in so far as it could actually be said to still exist.

It was thus only really in the Third Tiberium War that the campaign faught in the USA which began with the Nod assault on on Phoenix Base was finally concluded.

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