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Previous mission objective not complete. Airfield was to be targeted. New objective: Build up a base and Destroy remaining Nod structures and units. Reinforcements will be provided.
- Mission briefing

Destroy the Airstrip is the next mission in the GDI campaign of Tiberian Dawn if the player destroys the wrong building in the previous mission.[1]


With many of the problems plaguing the GDI communication systems fixed, Colonel Carter contacted Solomon again, this time with no audio/visual interference. Carter admonished Solomon for failing to destroy the correct building in the Nod base during his previous mission, but still placed sufficient trust in James Solomon's abilities to give him command over the assault on the base which he was now forced to launch.

New units[]

  • Rocket Soldier


The GDI forces were given an MCV and constructed a field base before beginning their assault. Weakened by the earlier assault of whatever building that Solomon mistakenly believed was the target the base was conquered by GDI forces quite fast. It is believed that GDI's medium tanks contributed to steamrolling Nod forces.



With the Czech Republic secured GDI forces advanced further south.

Because of the successful destruction of the Nod base, GDI managed to crush all remaining Nod resistance in the Czech Republic and gain control of the country.

Nod however still tried invading nations, this time they attacked Italy. At the same time their conquest of Turkey allowed them to launch an assault on Ukraine which included an amphibious assault on the southern coast facilitated by Nod control of the Black Sea.


The player starts out with humvees, tanks and an MCV. Defending the harvester is crucial as without it Nod will win with just infantry. Get humvees to deal with infantry and medium tanks to deal with vehicles then once a big army is created destroy the nod base.


  • This mission is normally skipped if the correct building is destroyed in the previous mission, Havoc. If this mission is later replayed through mission select after closing the game, the airstrip will be destroyed despite being admonished by Colonel Carter for having failed to do so. This results in a rather easier experience as the AI will only attack you with infantry units, the flamethrower infantry being their most dangerous asset.
  • Sandbags are available to build if the Nod Construction Yard is captured and will remain available even if that Construction Yard is sold. This is because Sandbags are common to both sides, but are available to Nod at an earlier stage (the fifth mission).




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