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Intelligence indicates that a large portion of the Allied Naval Fleet will stop for refueling at a base in this area. Destroy the fleet and the base. Beware the long range of their cruisers.
- Mission briefing

Destroy the Allied navy (Or Sunk Cost in the remastered version) is the twelfth mission in an alternated Soviet campaign after an attack was made in south-eastern France on Allied investment there which led to the death of many French soldiers and civilians.


The mission takes place on two parts. The Soviet forces either choose the north to attack Great Britain or the south to destroy the Allied naval forces and take over the Mediterranean. Before Kukov arrived, Nadia gave the ruthless Gradenko some tea to drink in Stalin's briefing room. The Soviet Marshal was poisoned to death by the NKVD head as he laid dead on the table and Kukov later came in and showed Nadia the weapon that the Allies are working on.

Aftermath and Outcome

The Allied navy was destroyed in fierce fighting against Soviet Submarine columns in a matter of minutes. Stalin congratulated the Commander over the destruction of Allied naval forces, but it turned into a Soviet victory. Some control centers had to be captured next to prevent Allied soldiers from reaching Moscow and Russia in a Chronosphere, made by German professor Albert Einstein.


Ruling the seas and the land is critical as cruisers and destroyers will be sent to shell the soviets to oblivion. The commander can now build mammoth tanks but subs, MiGs and mammoths are needed to destroy the allies.

Note: Although the objective is to destory all naval forces, it does not mean we only need to destroy everything on the sea. We still need to destroy all the troops and structures on the land. The allied side builds a large number of camouflaged pillboxes. If all allied units and buildings appear to be destroyed, but the level isn't ending, there are likely pillboxes remaining. In particular, several are built directly north of trees, obscuring them further.


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