Pros Cons
  • Their cannon was effective against ships, land unit and building.
  • Can detect and attack Typhoon with Ospreys.
  • Powerful in numbers.
  • Cheap to deployed in large groups.
  • Soviet submarines in numbers could take out Destroyers.
  • Ospreys very vulnerable to Sea Scorpions.
  • Not able to use their cannon on submarines even if these emerged from underwater.
For other uses see: destroyer.
Allied ship reporting!
- Destroyer

During the Third World War, the Allies developed a new version of the Destroyer. This new Destroyer differented greatly from its precedent version: It was armed with a cannon for short-range defense against surface target and instead of the old Depth charges it used Ospreys to engage submarines.


The Destroyer was the main Allied warship and was widely deployed on every Allied naval base. It was not too expensive and could be deployed in large groups. Their cannon was effective against other ships, like Dreadnoughts, and the Ospreys were effective against submarines. They were excellent in defending Aircraft Carriers against Soviet and Yuri submarines, and they were also effective in attacking coast-based enemies, clearing the way for Amphibious Transports.

However they also had a number of weaknesses: firstly, Soviet submarines in numbers could take out Destroyers because they had a faster reload time. Ospreys were also very vulnerable to Sea Scorpions that could take them out in seconds, leaving Destroyers vulnerable against submarines. Finally, they weren't able to use their cannon on submarines even if these emerged from underwater, while units such as the Grizzly tank were able to attack emerged submarines.

Important operations in which Destroyers took part included the defense of the coasts of Florida, where however the allied navy was defeated by the Soviets, the liberation of Chicago, and a number of other operations.

They were replaced by Assault Destroyers after the Psychic Dominator Disaster.

Game Unit

- Destroyer in battle

If an Osprey is lost it is automatically replaced at no cost after a period of time. If the Destroyer is lost, its child Osprey will be lost as well; an airborne Osprey will crash even if a nearby destroyer needs a replacement.


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