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Destructible Times is the single and eleventh track from I AM's 1995 album There's A Home. The song was shortened (from 04:01 to 02:41) and used in all four Command & Conquer Nod credits videos. The track is called "(?) Times" in the original album release, and is credited as such in the credits roll of the game. The lyrics on the original album also substitute the word "destructible" with "(?)", giving the impression that whoever made the booklet didn't actually know what the word was supposed to be. The game's unofficial 1.06 patch adds the track to the normal in-game playlist, with its original title (which was "I AM") changed to "I Am - Destructible Times".

Developers at Westwood Studios specifically requested the song because it "reflected the war aspect and bad-ass vibe of Nod's side."[1]


Fire and riots are written on pages of life,
Armies of hatred that no longer have civil rights

Yeah, I
I live off the feeding of lies
Oh, and I
I live in destructible times

Oh, can't you hold a candle in the wind
And see that times are changing

Run to the churches, exorcise all of the brothers,
The holy hostage church bound to the Mother

Yeah, I
Corrupted and ravaged her mind
Oh, and I
I live in destructible times

Oh, can't you hold a candle in the wind
And see that times are changing

I did my time but nothing came easy
I guess I wasted my time
I'll live my life just a little bit fuller
Before I die...

Track information

Length: 04:01
Lyrics: Greg Greer
Vocals: Greg Greer
Guitar: Dan Ryan
Bass: Rod Arnett
Drums: Frank Klepacki

Copyright lawsuit

According to, Greg Greer, the band's vocal, sued Electronic Arts, the publisher and successor of legal rights from Westwood Studios, for using the song in 2010, but lost the lawsuit in 2012.[2][3] Strangely, Frank Klepacki, who had permitted the song's use in 1995, no longer has the band's songs in his Listen page (ex-Jukebox) except for a 51-second sample of Destructible Times as it appeared in Tiberian Dawn. Still, he sold a shirt reading I live in destructable times on his website store for several years after that until the merchandise page was discontinued.


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