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From the Detention Camp, you can activate the Intelligence special weapon, which reveals everything that enemy units see for a period of time.
- Generals manual(src)

Detention camps are support structures available to the United States in Generals. It is absent from Zero Hour, where its function was merged into the strategy center.


They are constructed on the battlefield by the USA in order to hold military prisoners and gain valuable battlefield intelligence.

Game building

From the Detention Camp a commander can access the 'Intelligence' power. Using knowledge gained from inmates and the applied use of satellites, Intelligence enabled US generals to view all enemy units and positions across the battlefield.


Generals USA Detention Camp CIA Intelligence cameo.png
Intelligence The Intelligence ability allows a commander to temporarily reveal the locations of all enemy units on the battlefield.
In the expansion Zero Hour this power is activated from the Strategy Center.


  • Originally other factions were also supposed to have their own detention camps (an example would be the GLA's cut Prison), but they were cut from the game along with the POW Trucks as the POW logic was removed.
  • The Detention camp originally was able to build POW trucks, a leftover of this is the garage seen in the right side of the structure. No vehicles can be trained here at normal gameplay.


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