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Commander, we are the Black Hand of Nod; we are the salvation of Nod! CABAL betrayed not just you and I, but he betrayed the Brotherhood. He betrayed Kane, and there is only one price for betrayal... Destroy CABAL!
- Anton Slavik

Determined Retribution is the seventh mission in the Nod campaign of Firestorm.[1]


Scorched earth, plain and simple. Locate and destroy all cybernetic forces in the area. The base has a web of laser fences protecting it and CABAL's computer core.


  • First Objective: Repair the bridges to allow for reinforcements.
  • Second Objective: Capture the command station to shut down the laser fencing surrounding CABAL's core.
  • Third Objective: Destroy CABAL's base and all defenses.


Slavik has his men reprogram the captured EVA, which was able to locate what appeared to be CABAL's central core in France. Slavik instructs the Commander to destroy CABAL's core for daring to betray the Brotherhood.

There are several bridges to the region where CABAL's core was located, but they were broken, preventing Nod reinforcements. CABAL's core itself was protected by laser fencing, but it was protected by a command station outside the laser fencing.

After capturing the command station, however, CABAL revealed that this "core" was only a decoy and launched several multi missiles at the command station, destroying the Nod Commander's attack force.


At the start of the mission, you will be attacked by Cyborgs and Reapers. Take them out with your starting units and deploy your MCV. As you build up your base, train an engineer and have your forces move north. Take out two cyborgs and a floater with your Tick tanks, then have the engineer repair the bridge to the northeast, which will grant you reinforcements.

To the east and west of your starting location, there are two cliffs with large Tiberium fields growing, including blue Tiberium, so you may want to construct multiple refineries to take advantage of them. Though the northern cliff is guarded by two cyborgs, which need to be taken out first.

In the northeast edge of the map is a CABAL base with three missile silos, which will continuously launch Multi missiles at you. If you approach it, you will be ambushed by a large number of cyborgs in subterranean APCs, so make sure to build up a large number of tick tanks first. The base is only protected by two Obelisks, with no anti-air defenses, so you can destroy the Obelisks with Harpies easily. Capture the missile silos, they will make the mission easier.

Due west of your starting location is another broken bridge protected by three cyborgs. Destroy the cyborgs and repair the bridge to receive additional reinforcements.

Northwest of your starting location is a cloaked CABAL base defended by two laser turrets and two Obelisks. Deploy a mobile sensor array on the western cliff to reveal the entrance of the base. Destroy the defenses, then the construction yard to prevent CABAL from rebuilding the defenses. Note that there are two stealth generators in the base, one near the entrance and one deeper into the base. Destroy them both to reveal the whole base.

Northwest of the cloaked base is the control station, surrounded by SAM sites and laser turrets, and defended by a cyborg commando. There is also a Tiberian fiend nearby. Destroy the laser turrets, commando, and fiend, but make sure not to destroy the control station, since doing so will cause the mission to fail. After securing the area, capture the control station to end the mission.





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