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All weapons, devastation imminent!
- Devastator

The Devastator is a heavy walker used by House Harkonnen in Emperor: Battle for Dune.


The pride and joy of the Harkonnen army, not to mention the most heavily-armored vehicle in the game, the Devastator carries two large plasma guns and a missile turret. The most powerful unit to be found on the battlefield is effective against infantry, vehicles, and buildings. Unfortunately, all this armor and armament makes the Devastator slower than a turtle. Once you see that the Devastator is almost dead, you can deploy it to overload its reactor. This causes a huge explosion to further damage any surrounding units and structures.

Used in conjunction with advanced carryalls, a couple of Devastators in a base means big trouble.


When selected[]

  • Reactor stable.
  • Radiation? Heh, whatever!
  • I feel sick.
  • Devastator online.
  • Radation level high, but not toxic.

When ordered to move[]

  • Drives engaged.
  • Control rods engaged.
  • Reactor online.
  • Reactor at maximum.

When ordered to attack[]

  • Firing sequence initiated!
  • Open fire!
  • All weapons, devastation imminent!
  • Weapons to maximum!
  • Devastation time!

When ordered to detonate[]

  • Explosion core!
  • They're coming with me!
  • Meltdown!
  • (Maniacal screams)
  • (Maniacal laughter)

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