Devil's Tongue subterranean flame tank

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Devil's Tongue
TS Devils Tongue.png
Internal name SUBTANK
Affiliation TS Nod logo transparent.png Nod
Role Support tank
Armament Twin napalm launchers
Tech level 7
Hit points 300
Armor type Light
Cost $750
Produced by Nod war factory
Requires Nod tech center
Ground attack 2 (x2) (Fire)
Cooldown 50
Speed 5
Attack range 4.25
Sight range 5
Abilities Burrow
Elite upgrade Self-healing

The second-generation Flame Tank, popularly called the Devil's Tongue, was a Nod support tank used during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.


The Devil's Tongue is a boxy vehicle with two giant horizontal drills located on its front and treads wrapped around the profile of the vehicle. Once it was unleashed on the battlefield, GDI infantry facing it soon learned a whole new meaning of the word "fear".

Fuel tanks containing pressurized napalm are completely enclosed within the vehicle—as are the powerful engines required to move it as it tunnels beneath the ground itself.

Unfortunately however, the compact design forced Nod technicians to discard all but the lightest armor plating - rendering the tank vulnerable to all anti-tank weaponry. The design also gave it problems with attacking enemies on higher elevation, or ones protected by walls. These tanks can also be denied from surfacing by paving concrete in and around bases - which they cannot dig through.


The Devil's Tongue was replaced by a more conventional, but more powerful and heavily armored next-generation flame tank by the time of the Second Nod Reunification War, which utilized an improved version of the Devil's Tongue's own Napalm Launchers.


The Devil's Tongue is fast, and its twin side-mounted napalm launchers are highly effective against enemy structures and infantry. Its tunneling abilities prove to be indispensable assets to the Brotherhood's war effort: capable of ambushing enemy infantry and burning structures.

However, it cannot hide itself from deployed Mobile Sensor Arrays once the tank enters their radius—any tank or aircraft would then be able to deny them outright.

EMP can also force the tank to resurface onto dry land.



Devil's Tongues invading a GDI base
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