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The Devourer tank is the Scrin equivalent of the human main battle tank.


Unlike other Scrin armor, the Devourer appears designed after human heavy tanks, albeit without a turret, yet features superior maneuverability and firepower thanks to its long-range proton cannon. The "Devourer" name refers to how these alien war machines have been observed soaking up Tiberium in order to supercharge their weaponry.

Game unit

Devourers are so called as they have been witnessed absorbing Tiberium in a similar fashion to the Scrin harvester; they seem to do so to charge their main weapon, a long-range proton cannon capable of dealing significant damage to armored targets. In terms of raw firepower the vehicle certainly stands up to MBT-6 Predators, while consistently proving stronger than Scorpion tanks. They also have the longest range of any non-siege unit, able to fire upon human tank divisions well before they can respond, and when supercharged their range increases even further. Many Scrin Foremen exploit this advantage by firing on enemy tank divisions and moving back using their superior speed as the hostile tanks try to get within range. This tactic can destroy even Mammoth tanks if used properly.

Devourers have no protection against aircraft and are ineffective against infantry; however the Scrin know this and rarely deploy them without support.

Devourers of Reaper-17 can be upgraded with conversion reserves to stay supercharged longer.





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