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Ahh, good to see you again, my friend. I'm afraid this will be the last time, however. For if the desolator strikes don't kill you, my hordes of Terror Drones surely will.
- Nikolai Moskvin

Dirty Tricks is a side challenge in Commander's Challenge.


It seems your recent victory over Commander Moskvin has left quite an impression on the young man. He is beginning to understand our plans, and says he is willing to ignore them, but only if you agree to fight him again on his own terms. Expect him to make ample use opf his nastly little Terror Drones, and we also recently spotted Badger Bombers flying to the scene, bearing heavy payloads of desolator toxins.


The damage is too extensive!
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Kelly Weaver sends the Futuretech Commander to Guinea to defeat Moskvin's Terror drones and bring at least, one of them back to FutureTech for some tests on it. The Commander finds Ore Refineries scattered across parts of the map as there is no urban activity on the battlefield. He then blasts through Moskvin despite willing to ignore the corporation himself and then, he retreats from his main base down to Central Australia where FutureTech must steal the one and only Desolator from Moskvin's main base there and avoid the giant one with a Yuriko Omega clone walking beside him.


  • Desolator Airstrikeswill drop randomly at 5 different points on the map, all placed on the main choke points of the map. This will make it harder to use infantry here since they can suddenly succumb to desolator strikes if the player is not careful navigating them.
  • The strikes happens randomly, so if the player is managing a large infantry army and see a puff of smoke rising from the ground, get the heck away!
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