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ItCameFromRedAlert Poster.jpg The following is based on It Came From Red Alert! and might contradict canon.

We've lost contact with one of our outposts. Before it went off-line, we received a brief communique about giant ants. We're unsure what to make of this report, so we want you to investigate.

Scout the area, bring the outpost back on-line, and report your findings. If there is a threat, reinforcements will be sent in to help you.

Keep the base functional and radio contact open -- we don't want to lose the outpost again.
- Mission briefing

Discovery is the first Giant Ants mission appearing in the secret It Came From Red Alert! campaign for Counterstrike and Retaliation.[1]


You just tell your men to get out there and kick some ant ass!
- Ben Carville

General Carville received an emergency call from an Allied outpost in England that is under attack by giant ants. After a heated call, the Allied Commander is sent to deal with this threat.


After the outpost was secured, the Commander was then ordered to evacuate two nearby civilian towns as attacks from the ants begin to intensify.


The objective is to survive from the wave of ants in under 20 minutes. You start off with 1 ranger and a couple of rifle infantry and you are told to scout the area for the attacked outpost. When you arrive at the the base, you will find rundown buildings and no survivors, expect for an ore truck.

For this mission, it is advised you sell buildings like the radar dome (more funds) and start mining some ore, but it is recommended you must defend your ore truck, since the ore field just south of your base is invaded by ants. Alternatively, you can instead produce a minelayer and deploy mines at choke-points in order to prevent further ant attacks. If you do this, DO NOT sell your service depot or the minelayer will not be able to reload.

After this is done, hold back the ants until reinforcements arrive (2 medium tanks and an MCV).



Retaliation briefing
Counterstrike intro


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