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Discovery is the first Giant Ant mission appearing in the secret Giant Ant Missions that are in the Red Alert expansion packs.


General Carville received an emergency call from an Allied outpost in Estonia that is under attack by Giant ants. After a heated call, the Allied Commander is sent to deal with this threat.


  • The objective is to survive from the wave of ants in under 20 minutes.
  • As you get to the base, you will find no survivors, just rundown buildings and an Ore Truck crew.

For this mission, it is advised you sell buildings like the radar dome (more funds) and start mining some ore, BUT it is recommended you must defend your ore truck, since the ore field just south of your base is invaded by ants. Alternatively, you can instead produce an Anti-Tank Mine Layer and deploy mines at choke-points in order to prevent further ant attacks. If you do this, DO NOT sell your Service depot or the Anti-Tank Mine Layer will not re-generate.

After this is done, hold back the ants until reinforcements arrive (2 M1 Abrams and an MCV).


Ben Carville was startled by this message as enemy invaders were rampaging Europe. After the Estonian troubles since reports were brought to London via telephone and radio communications to the General and unpleasing results from the British Prime Minister about this. Some civilians Carville says is now needing evacuation since ants had attacked the town.

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