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CNCTW Ion Disruption Field Generators Cameo.png
Disruption Generator
Ion distruptor field generator.jpg
Internal name MG_NOD_DisruptionGenerator
Affiliation CNC3 Nod Logo.png Nod
Role Global Conquest strategic structure
Tier 3
Hit points 24000
Armor type NodStrongholdHubArmor
Cost $6000
Power -9
Abilities CNCKW Stealth Field Cameo.png Stealth field

Disruption generator is a Nod strategic structure only available in Global Conquest mode.

Support powers

Icon Support Power Cost Cooldown Function
CNCKW Stealth Field Cameo.png
Stealth field $1000 2 turns Cloaks Nod bases and strike forces in the selected area. Strike forces which leave the area of effect are decloaked.
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