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For the Tiberium Wars structure of the same name, see Disruption tower (Tiberium Wars).
CNC4 Disruption Tower Cameo.png
Disruption Tower
Affiliation Nod Defense Class
Role Support structure
Tier Tier 3 Tech
Hit points 500
Shields 750 (1500 with upgrade)
Armor type Reinforced
Build time 0:20
Produced by Nod Defense Crawler
Requires Rank 16
Hotkey F8
Upgrades CNC4 Improved Concealment Cameo.png Improved concealment
CNC4 Enhanced Shields Cameo.png Enhanced shields
Power -10
Building in progress...
Disruption tower (Tiberian Twilight) is about a particular building, which is a stub. You can help by expanding it.
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The disruption tower is a relatively weak structure in terms of health but can deploy a shield or can cloak nearby units. With the enhanced shields upgrade, the shield health is doubled. And with Improved Concealment, the stealth generator grants an improved dodge bonus. It is mainly used for adding extra defenses to lone structures in a form of shield or to quickly spring a ambush from defenses with the stealth generator.

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