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RAR Soviets Logo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert and might contradict canon.
Khalkis island contains a large quantity of ore that we need. The Allies are well aware of our plans, and intend to establish their own base there. See to it that they fail. In addition, capture their radar center so we can track Allied activity in this area.
- Mission briefing

Distant Thunder was the fifth mission in the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 1.[1]


Berlin fell under Soviet control and wiped out all Allies who refused to surrender the whole city. The next mission was Khalkis Island in Greece, known to be full of ore. Stalin decided to use it to fund his war effort. He appointed his newly promoted Commander to crush any resistance on the island and begin mining operations.

New units

  • Engineer
  • Transport
  • Submarine


After establishing a base near Khalkis Island, the Soviet Commander built up his forces. He attacked the nearby Allied base and captured the radar dome in order to monitor the enemy movements in the area. With the communications captured by the Soviets, the Allies retreat to the island and concentrated on their position. The Soviet Commander soon made landing with his forces, harvesting the vast amounts of ore on the island before wiping the Allies from the area. The Soviets were free to mine the rest of the ore for their "special project".


The player starts out with a couple infantry and an MCV. Deploy the MCV and get tanks and yaks. Paradrop the infantry on the island and destroy the Allied MCV before it deploys otherwise the Allies will defend the island with huge resistance.

Later the player will get a second MCV to build a base on the island. Destroy the Allied ships with submarines and capture the Radar dome once the Allied base is destroyed. Land the MCV and heavy tanks on the island and conquer the last of the allies. Beware of the AA guns and the destroyers as they will destroy the players Yaks and submarines.

Beta versions

The 0.09c beta version differs quite a bit from the release version. The land mass the player starts on has more beaches and no Allied base. Instead, the map has an extra area in the east that features an Allied base with the Radar Dome that has to be captured. The player also starts with two MCVs as shown in the cutscene as opposed to receiving one later. An even earlier version shows a smaller map in which the eastern half of the island is cut off.


Yak strafe above Rangers (mission accomplished cutscene)



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