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Skree'ee--eee, eeek!
(Lit. "Freedom at any cost!")

- Dolphin

The dolphin is an Allied naval support unit in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and Uprising.


As the Allies grew more desperate in the war against the Soviets, they increasingly resorted towards more unconventional means of war. One such means involves guerilla-style schools of dolphins.

The Allies fitted dolphins with the WP100 sonic disruptor, allowing them to damage enemy ships. The dolphins' sonic weaponry acts almost like a physical underwater jackhammer, pounding enemy targets until they begin to break apart.

The dolphins were able to ignore the weapon frequencies and still communicate effectively with each other and their commanders even in the midst of all-out war versus the likes of their worst enemies, the Soviet Union's Akula-class submarines.

The Soviets have expressed open frustration with dolphin warfare and continue to experiment with new ways of combating these creatures. Their new Stingray strike craft are known to send dangerous levels of electricity coursing through the waters-yet, in turn, the Allies' dolphins can leap high and far up and out of the water, out of harm's way.

Game unit

Dolphins are not lake creatures! What is going on here?
- Conscript(src)

Dolphins are used primarily as scout units. They are highly effective in groups, as their sonic pulses could damage multiple targets at once. Dolphins are also able to jump out of water for a brief moment, allowing them to dodge torpedoes and other weaponry.

Should the dolphin be injured, it can be healed by an engineer's medical tent.



The dolphin is vulnerable to Soviet Stingrays and Imperial Naginata torpedo ships. As organic creatures, the dolphin is also vulnerable to Yuriko's special ability, Desolator weaponry, Natasha's rifle, and Tanya's pistols. Shinobis and Terror Drones can kill an unlucky dolphin in one attack.

They are ineffective against any land target. When leaping out of the water they can be targeted by AA fire.




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