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Double-Barreled is the eleventh main challenge in Commander's Challenge.


Recently, Commander Oleg got not only a handsome new officer's cap, but the burdensome responsibility of restoring the Union to its former glory. Here he is in the middle of nowhere, trying (and failing) to improve on the heaviest Soviet battle tank. What does he think he's going to do, slap some missile launchers on it...? And yet, the Powers That Be have taken interest, so we're looking to you to send him back to the Motherland red-faced and empty-handed. Be ready to hit his armor as hard as you can.


  • As in the previous main challenge, the player is restricted from building aircraft or naval units as well as their respective production structures (though when playing as the Allies, the player can still build an Airbase for the purposes of building a Defense bureau). Also, when playing as Rising Sun, the player cannot build units that can transform into an aerial form.
  • Oleg's base is defended by two pairs of Sentry Turrets when the match begins, so be careful if planning on a rush.
  • Oleg will send the tanks across all the potential pathways to your base, so a mobile defense will be necessary.
  • As the Allies you can use Spies to bribe the Apocalypse Tanks to your side or deploy Tanya to take them out. Keep in mind that your only way to freeze Apocalypse tanks will be squads of expensive Cryo Legionaries.
  • As the Soviets, Terror Drones and Tesla Troopers may be used to halt the advance of the Apocalypse Tanks, though keep in mind that the former do not disable their guns and the latter may get ran over if their special ability is not activated in time. Natasha can also snipe out the pilots, allowing you to turn Oleg's own tanks against him.
  • As the Empire, large numbers of Steel Ronin can overwhelm them and quickly respond to different pushes. You are entirely without the ability to halt an Apocalypse Tank or steal them.
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