This battle will be your final doom - or shall we say... Apocalypse? Ha ha ha!
- Oleg Vodnik inside the photograph in the Commander's Challenge box.

Double-Barreled is one of the main challenges in the Commanders Challenge in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising. The Futuretech Commander reported some Apocalypse Assault Tanks, led by a Soviet leader seen at the training grounds in Central Niger. Kelly Weaver sends him to see what's going on, but it turns out that the leader is actually the Head of Soviet Military Affairs, Oleg Vodnik. Now this leads the Commander into stealing the greatest and deadliest Soviet vehicle on Earth.

As he is ready to fight, Oleg says this battle is going to be the Commander's final doom or shall be in an Apocalypse as the Soviet Tank General gave an evil laugh. Kelly Weaver tells the Futuretech Commander to eliminate him, while Oleg wants a battle of Red Army versus FutureTech style for defeating both his colleagues, Moskvin and Vera Belova.

Upon his defeat, an anxious Oleg suggests (or more like begging) result of this battle should be kept between him and Futuretech Commander, or he will "be sent to Gulag".


The FutureTech boss, Kelly Weaver sends the Futuretech Commander down to Niger to steal the Soviet Union's sixth major technology, the Apocalypse tank from their Commander who turned to be the Head of Soviet Military Affairs, Oleg Vodnik. The Commander had to establish his base and build up a lot of his own forces quickly enough to defeat Oleg. With the attack on the opponent's base dying down, Oleg Vodnik was defeated with being empty handed and red-faced by what happened. The Apocalypse tank was taken to FutureTech where it was researched by the scientists and Kelly Weaver congratulates her Commander for a job well done.

Challenge Information

Map Settings

  • Starting Cash: 10,000
  • Fog of War: Inactive
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