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Double-Barreled is the eleventh main challenge in Commander's Challenge.


Recently, Commander Oleg got not only a handsome new officer's cap, but the burdensome responsibility of restoring the Union to its former glory. Here he is in the middle of nowhere, trying (and failing) to improve on the heaviest Soviet battle tank. What does he think he's going to do, slap some missile launchers on it...? And yet, the Powers That Be have taken interest, so we're looking to you to send him back to the Motherland red-faced and empty-handed. Be ready to hit his armor as hard as you can.


  • As Allies get Spies to bribe the Apocalypse tanks or Tanya to take them out.
  • As soviets get Tesla Troopers to stop them or get Natasha to snipe the tank pilots.
  • As empire get Steel Ronins to overwhelm them.
Red Alert 3 and Uprising missions