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CS Gameicon.png The following is based on the missions of Counterstrike and might contradict canon.

We've traced the convoy's route to this underground facility. We suspect that this is a hidden access to the Soviet's main Sarin plant.

Lead your troops through the tunnels and remove any opposition you may find. Be careful -- the Soviets are conducting all kinds of research in this facility, and we don't know what they may throw at you.

Use spies to scout and infiltrate factories where they can steal vehicles.

The mission is complete when your forces reach the far exit of the facility.

Down Under is the second Allied mission in the Counterstrike expansion.[1]


The Allies high command rounded up extremely brave soldiers the Allies had to take part in a desperate suicide mission to stop the production of the deadly sarin nerve gas. Once they got in, all hell broke lose as the Allied soldiers cleared room after room of soviet scum. In the end, only a handful of the crazy soldiers survived.

The battle

The squad available to command here initially are a group of riflemen, medic, and a spy. The rifleman would more than once clearing incoming infantry and attack dog while medic tend the wound inflicted by the enemy. However, care must be taken as (being an chemical experiment site full of surprises) nobody know what the enemy will throw at you. The enemy may also aim to target medic personnel first. Keep yours secured!.

The welcoming party consist of infantry and a dog. Keep clearing the room but standby at intersection as spy will reveal surrounding area without much of hush. These revelation including several panel to shut down defence contraption. A spy might also slipped in a cargo truck to proceed to the next security level to divert several sarin menu to the sentry guard, but watch for dog by buying distances from them. After the sentry guard in secure room is "reprocessed", the party can advance deeper.

After several insignificant encounters, the squad would encounter a pair of Mammoth tank supported by Tesla coil. It would be wise to once again manage the spy to a panel across the room, this will turn the control of the Tesla coil against the Mammoth tank (Mammoth tanks will win, but only one usually remain). Managing the troop movement after it would be required to avoid encountering the remaining Mammoth. The spy might also ordered further downward to encounter a security cell containing Tanya, against Flame tower. Nearby panel contain the destruction control to the tower.

From here on, there will be several option to the commander. First is to send spy upward to find a tank factory. Infiltrating it will produce a berserk Mammoth tank that helped against the exit sentry. The spy may also assigned to the exit to switch off several automatic defences. A spy and Tanya can also be sent to downward right to set free a captured Allied commander. This commander then will rush with nearby truck to his freedom (or death is the exit sentry is still active). Rocket soldier if available can also be ordered to shoot the tower from outside its range. It is a free will at all.


Counterstrike - Greece: Downunder

Behind the scenes

  • The mission was originally named Sarin Gas 2: Down Under in Counterstrike.


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