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Downtown Sydney is the third level of Act IV of Nod's campaign in Tiberium Wars. It is based upon the Global Defense Initiative's attempt to temporarily retain its fractured control of Sydney.


Following the loss of their ion cannon control center in Sydney, GDI Command decided that efforts to regain control of the city was futile. Civilians were in dire need of evacuation from the burning city; local command coordinated a valiant last stand against Scrin forces in order to buy enough time for their V-35 Ox transports to rescue the maximum number of civilians possible and travel to safety.

Meanwhile, GDI was unaware at the time that Kane, the once undisputed leader of Nod, was alive and discreetly plotted revenge against his sworn enemy faction.


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Your base is already been established in downtown Sydney, near coastal area. Rapid air evac is ongoing with Scrin slowly engaging them with Stormrider. Deploy the bike to assist with the evacuation, but dont build too many as the effort is considered in vain. GDI base is in the other side of the area, directly engaging newly established Scrin base in the port area. Secretly build your army (with two Avatar and a Stealth tank minimal) while build up your base defence against possible GDI and Scrin assault as they still exchanging fire. It is recomended, as GDI still foolishly believing us, to put at least two Saboteur near GDI construction yard. After sometime, Kane will pronounce his exsistence and GDI quickly switch side and charge at your position.

By now you should have strong base defences including Obelisk and multiple air defence. Execute "capture protocol" (if the saboteur is already in place) to cripple GDI and, hopefully, take their technology. With the army builded it would be easy to crush GDI. Scrin however remain strong. Against Scrin, train multiple anti air capable force and garrison in nearby structure to so Scrin offensive is distracted whole you can build up force. The remains of evacuation defence taskforce can be reassign back with the assistance of Raider buggy to scout the area. An airforce is not recomended yet as Scrin's Stormrider swarm is still at large. Build the Temple of Nod so the visitor can be "softened". Should Scrin base is nullified, Saboteur can be transported in to "preserve" the visitor's "gift" for Kane.

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