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Downtown Sydneyis the penultimate mission of act IV Nod's campaign in Tiberium Wars.


Depending on whether or not the Nod Commander destroyed Sydney's ion cannon control center, GDI would either attempt to destroy the alien base attacking Sydney using the ion cannon or give up on defending the city and begin evacuating the civilian population. Either way, Kilian Qatar tasked the Commander with assisting GDI, as well as building a war chest by harvesting a large sum of Tiberium.

During the mission, however, Kane contacted the Commander, revealing himself to be alive and informing the Brotherhood that Kilian was a traitor. He ordered the Commander to destroy what was left of GDI's forces in the city, authorizing the use of nuclear missiles. The Commander complied and destroyed the GDI garrison, causing the city to fall to the alien invaders.

New units

  • Temple of Nod(Nuke cannot be used until Kane appears)


(This walkthrough assumes Hard difficulty)

There are two versions of this mission, depending on whether or not you destroyed the ion cannon control center in Sydney City Wall. If you did, GDI will be evacuating the city using V-35 Ox, and you will be asked to escort the transports. If you did not, you will be asked to protect the ion cannon control until it can destroy the alien base. In both versions, you will be asked to harvest 25,000 units of Tiberium. Either way, ignore the initial objectives you're given (they are impossible to complete) and focus on building the base.

Your starting base is fully teched up, but does not have a refinery. Build one, then build an air tower. Air lift a saboteur to the GDI base and capture the Tiberium spike there. There are three cash crates on the elevated platform in the middle of the map, air lift one of your starting units there to pick them up. Build another refinery to boost your economy, then begin queuing up as many Avatars as you can with both of your war factories. Occasionally, the aliens may attack your base, but they should not possess a major threat.

Eventually, you will be contacted by Kane, who asks you to destroy the remaining GDI forces. At this point, your Temple of Nod nuclear missile will become available for use. Launch it at the GDI base, then destroy whatever remains using your Avatars.


You will coordinate with GDI commanders to protect their Ion Cannon Control center, keeping the structure alive for the ten minutes required to link with the Ion Cannon itself, at which point the Alien base will be destroyed and the invaders driven from Australia.
- Unused mission briefing
  • If the ion cannon control center was not destroyed by the player in the previous mission, GDI would have access to the superweapon in this mission. However, the mission briefing would still mention that the ion cannon control center was destroyed.
    • An alternate version of the mission briefing describing the ion cannon control center being intact can be found in the game files. However, it was unused for unknown reasons.
  • Attacking or capturing any GDI unit or structure before Kane's return would immediately turn GDI hostile.
  • The GDI defenses in this mission will not lose power even after all GDI power plants are destroyed.
  • There is an Orca strike craft hovering over the GDI base in this mission.


Mission ending cutscene
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