Dozer (Tiberian Twilight)

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For other uses, see Dozer.
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Affiliation GDI Defense Class
Role Support vehicle
Protection Light
Tier 1
Hit points 200
Armor type Light
Cost 3 CP
Build time 0:08
Produced by GDI Defense Crawler
Requires Rank 2
Hotkey F7
Upgrades CNC4 Enhanced Repairs Cameo.png Enhanced repairs
CNC4 Range Boost Cameo.png Range boost
CNC4 Speed Boost Cameo.png Speed boost
Abilities Build Outpost
EMP Mines
Got a job specced out?
- Dozer rolling out of the Crawler

The Dozer is a GDI Defense-class ground unit appearing in Tiberian Twilight.


Contractor on site!
- Dozer foreman reporting

A utility vehicle, the Dozer's primary function is to construct outposts, plant minefields, and repair structures. Its Nod counterpart is the Slave. Uniquely, it is the only GDI vehicle that can enter buildings and transport vehicles.


Let's move this thing!
- Dozer foreman

In-Game, the Dozer is a second option to the engineer, capable of repairing much faster, but must close to nearly point-blank range. It can also benefit from the Enhanced Repairs upgrade, which the Engineer is unable to do. As such, it is much more effective at reparing friendly units and structures, but must expose itself to enemy fire moreso than the Engineer.

The second ability is construction; of which the Dozer is able to build two structures. The first is the Outpost, which establishes ground control for a Crawler, allowing it to build there, but costs power. The second 'structure' is the ability to set four EMP mines in an area. This ability costs no power, but has a long delay and the mines are spaced relatively far apart and is difficult to make a full minefield out of.

Regardless, it is a useful utility unit for GDI's Defense commanders.




A Nod Hijacker cannot hijack Dozers, since the Hijacker is a Support class unit, and Support class Crawlers cannot construct structures, making the Dozer's ability to construct Outposts useless.

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