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I've mastered the effects of chemicals on the human body. Want to see?
- Dr. Thrax

'Dr. Thrax' is the pseudonym of a key leader and scientist of the terrorist group known as the Global Liberation Army.


Early activities

Little is known about the GLA associate codenamed "Dr. Thrax." While background intelligence indicates that he received training as an immunologist in Jordan (allegedly getting his degree from a mail-ordered college), he left academics in 1995 and disappeared into a GLA-controlled ghetto in Cairo. For the past twenty years, he has produced chemical and biological weapons for terrorist organizations across the globe, including the GLA.[1]

Recent eavesdropping on cell phone traffic indicates that Dr. Thrax has become more involved in day-to-day operations of the GLA. He has scattered labs across Asia and the Middle East, where low-cost WMDs are produced and distributed to local terrorist cells. A cautious and scientific personality, Dr. Thrax never sleeps in the same bed two nights in a row and undergoes frequent cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance.[1]

There is overwhelming evidence that from this point on Dr. Thrax busily produced ever-more lethal biological and chemical weapons, which he sold to various terrorist organisations, including the GLA.

War Against the GLA

During the First GLA War, Dr. Thrax was identified as a key leader in the GLA by the US military. When a new chemical weapon was used in a warhead by the GLA and launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome against an American naval base in northern Europe, the US started to hunt down the scientist. Documents obtained from US operations in Somalia and Mt Elbrus revealed that Thrax had massive influence in the terrorist organisation. Having had his funding cut off by the Americans in Operation: Black Gold, Thrax fought a fight to the death against them in the classified Area 52, where his main stronghold was located. Thrax had threatened to launch four warheads against key metropolitan centres but the US army managed to thwart his plans (with help from GLA defectors who were unhinged by Thrax's insanity). Thrax's base was destroyed by the US forces, and it was assumed that the doctor had perished in the battle. His disappearance had led to a short internal power struggle within the GLA after the battle.

Second GLA War

Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Thrax during the Second GLA War

Rumors continue to swirl around the mysterious Chemical Weapons expert known only as "Dr. Thrax" - his origins mysterious, how he survived the collapse of the GLA following their first failed uprising even more so. All that can be ascertained is that Thrax did indeed survive, has returned to prominence within the terrorist organization, and is - if it can be considered possible - a more deeply disturbed individual than ever before.

EU intelligence indicates that Thrax continues to conduct chemical weapons experiments in labs scattered across the globe, leaving a trail of devastating disease and chemical torture in his wake. Whispers from inside the GLA suggest that Dr. Thrax has been physically ravaged by his experiments - organs failing, massive chemical scarring on his legs and torso, hands so damaged he must wear gloves at all times lest they require amputation - but the few who know the entirety of the truth are too terrified to share it.


Generals 1

Ah! I see you...
Yes, fire your little SCUD Storm, visit your useless toxins upon my Base!
A Nuke Silo? I wouldn't expect anyone to use toxic radiation, perhaps we should work together sometime.
So, a Particle Cannon to counter my toxins, eh? Your technology is no match for my toxins, General!
Would you like the Green or the Blue? Both are Equally satisfying. *laughs*
See? you can tell they are hmm! Just right, when the flesh falls off the bone!
One taste and you'll never go back, even if you wanted to!
Toxin troopers, ATTACK!
Oh, it is not so bad, you should only feel a long and painful burning after this!
OH! Spill on aisle one!
Ah... that's right sit back and relax. Give my toxins more time to work!
Silent, but deadly.
Here we come, General. Like a chemical spill.
Eee! I had my wine collection in there!
Stop destroying my buildings, General. Or I will make things unpleasant for you.
- Dr. Thrax when his base is under attack
Get out of my village, General! There is not much left of it, BUT IT IS MINE!
- Dr. Thrax when his base is nearly destroyed
Give me back that Oil Derrick! Don't you know petroleum is a key ingredient in my toxins!?
- Dr. Thrax when the player captures an Oil Derrick
General, I need that Oil Refinery to purify my toxins. What could you possibly need it for, huh?
- Dr. Thrax when the player captures an Oil Refinery
Your base has grown so large, General. A perfect target for my SCUD Storm!
- Dr. Thrax when the player has built many structures
Maybe you'll consider a peace offering. A-an antidote perhaps.
- Dr. Thrax when his buildings are destroyed
Eh, I didn't really need that anyway!
- Dr. Thrax when his valuable buildings (such as Palace) is destroyed
My Toxin Trucks will rule again!
- Dr. Thrax when deploying Toxin Trucks
Your Nuclear Missile will only mutate us and make us stronger!
- Dr. Thrax when the player constructs a Nuclear missile silo
It is so hard to find a doctor these days who will make house-calls, but Dr. Thrax still does! *laughs*
More victims… I mean, volunteers for my experiments!
You are defeated, general. I hope that will teach you to defy Dr. Thrax.
- Dr. Thrax when he defeats the player
No. NO!
I am defeated. Now, where is that cyanide capsule?
- Dr. Thrax when the player defeats him
Perhaps I should not have gotten my degree from mail-order college.
- Dr. Thrax when he is defeated by the player
Stay away from my SCUD missiles! I'll give them to you when I'm ready!
- Dr. Thrax when he deploys a SCUD Storm
Heh. Metal is only a temporary barrier to my toxins!
- Dr. Thrax when the player has built many vehicles
Do you enjoy watching your men glow in the dark? Build more then!
- Dr. Thrax when the player trains many infantry
Heh! Coward! Your pilots still need to breathe.
- Dr. Thrax if the player builds many air units
Eh. Get away from me! You will not defeat me, General. Do you hear me?!
Oh...what do you have against toxins, eh? Have you seen what they use to make food these days? *disgusts*
See! People do not belong in the air!
Guh! My brave warriors! How can you do this to them? What did they ever do to..oh wait, never mind.
Oh, did I forget to tell you about those? Silly me! Watch the mines, General.
- Dr. Thrax when the player sends units to the northwest corner of the map where the minefields are located
Budget? I don't want to hear about the budget!
- Dr. Thrax when he runs out of resources
You will come for the toxins, but you'll stay... because you're dead! *laughs*
Now breath in... *inhales* and out. *exhales* Again. Oh yes, feel better? *laughs*
Prepare to tell your three-eyed grandchildren of your defeat this day!
Eh, General. We have a clogged toxin nozzle, gimme a second to fix it.
So many defenses, General, and all... USELESS!"
- When the player builds many defense structures

Generals 2

Welcome to the green side of life, baby!
The more toxins, the better.
Toxins aren't so bad. No, no! They're very good for you. They're here to cleanse, not harm! Would I lie?
Wow! That tank's too crazy to fail!
Pray for forgiveness before it's too late. I won't judge.


Zero Hour





Generals 2

General's challenge


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