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Are you prepared to fight, comrades?
- Dreadnought captain

The dreadnought is the Soviet heavy bombardment vessel in Red Alert 3 and Uprising.


The dreadnought was the largest ship in the Soviet Navy. Originally armed with cannons, the modern dreadnought was instead equipped with a V4 "Molot" cruise missile array thanks to the design of master shipwright Sergei Kondakov. The dreadnought's three long-range ballistic missile launchers were able to devastate enemies both on land and at sea from afar. Thanks to a shock absorption system based on the MiG fighter's jet propulsion mechanics, the dreadnought's rockets were able to reach their targets accurately even while it was moving.

The dreadnought was not without its weaknesses, however. The ship's rocket launchers were unable to acquire forces that somehow managed to close ranks, and its massive size meant that it was not the swiftest or most maneuverable vessel on the ocean. Due to the high cost of losing such an expensive siege platform, it required Akula sub escorts whenever possible.

Some of the sacrifices made by Kondakov when redesigning the dreadnought, such as reducing the living quarters and removing an auxiliary latrine, earned the dreadnought a few unfortunate nicknames among Soviet sailors. Nevertheless, dreadnought captains were noted for being extremely proud of their service to the Union, and gained a reputation for patriotism and courage. Theses captains have been known to overload their launch mechanisms in order to augment the dreadnought's firing rate, at the cost of electrical and mechanical damage to the launch mechanisms.

Game unit[]

Like the other Tier 3 bombardment ships, the dreadnought is vulnerable to enemies at close range and defenseless against aircraft. Therefore, it needs to be escorted by other units, such as Akula subs and Bullfrogs.

The dreadnought's missiles combine relatively accurate tracking and wide explosion radius, which make the ship considerably better against moving units compared to other heavy bombardment ships and sufficient to prevent Tanya/Natasha (but not Yuriko) from closing in.





  • We launch this day in the name of the U.S.S.R.! (unused)
  • Are you prepared to fight, Comrades?!


  • Dreadnought and her crew are ready!
  • The seas will run red!
  • We rule these waters!
  • Enemies of the Union shall burn!
  • This is our day, comrades!
  • Seafaring patriots!
  • If Lenin could see us now...


  • These waters belongs to Russia!
  • The seas tremble beneath us!
  • Onward!
  • Forward, Comrades!
  • A majestic sight we must be...
  • Let us embrace the seas!


  • Destroy them!
  • They must fall!
  • Our time has come!
  • Smite them down!
  • They shall be no more!
  • Attack!
  • End their arrogance!

Moving to attack[]

  • To war!
  • These enemies will perish!
  • None shall oppose the Union!
  • We must destroy them!
  • Prepare all launchers!
  • The moment we have waited for!
  • We will fight for our noble cause!
  • Take your positions, comrades!

In combat[]

  • We shall prevail!
  • Do not relent!
  • Victory is at hand!
  • They are fools to oppose us!
  • Stand together and fight, comrades!
  • Can you feel the Soviet might?!
  • Patriotism begets victory!
  • Woe unto our hapless foes!
  • Continue all launchers!
  • Their surrender is inevitable!
  • We fight to the last man and rocket!


  • The Union demands our return!
  • Our noble voyage must end.
  • We shall arrive as heroes.
  • It was a glorious battle...

Under fire[]

  • We have withstood worse threats...
  • Our hull cannot be breached so easily...
  • They cannot damage our will!
  • Steel yourselves, Comrades!
  • Do not let fear take hold!'


  • The bow missile launcher will always fire first in a salvo by default and missiles will not reload until all 3 launchers have fired. However, re-capturing an empty dreadnought with less than 3 loaded missiles before being sniped may disrupt the default firing order. In this case, when this ship attacks, even though the port/starboard launcher fires first, the missile in the bow launcher still disappears first, i.e. uncoupling the graphics of missile launching and the missile disappearing.
  • If a dreadnought is frozen while activating its special ability, it will not take damage, though the flame effects can still be seen on the ship.
  • In Uprising, the first missile during the next attacks of the dreadnought after launching the first volley will always home in on the target and the two missiles will miss.
  • "If Lenin could see us now" from the captain of Dreadnought is possibly a reference of Russian cruiser Aurora, which was believed to have fired the first shot into the Czar's Winter Palace and marked the beginning of Lenin's October Revolution. The captain may mean Lenin would have been astonished to see how powerful the Soviet Navy has become.
  • When someone has captured a dry dock, dreadnoughts can become a horrifying threat as they can nearly permanently use their special ability with only a short 'cooldown' while regaining their health.



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