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The Drill Pod is a rare Nod delivery vehicle in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


Deploys a squad of Flame troopers anywhere on the battlefield. It's a Seth's support power.

Game unit

A transient vehicle that exists only as long as it takes to deploy the Flame troopers (4 seconds). It can be placed on any tile, except pads, obstacles, already occupied tiles, and directly next to the opponent's base.

Apart from quickly deploying Flames, the drill pod can be used to block enemy unit movement. It is also often used to contest distant pads at critical moments.

The ability to deploy Flame troopers with a pod allows to build decks without strong anti-personnel infantry, since the Flame troopers from the pod can be used as the seventh unit. However, the long deployment cooldown and price premium means it is not a complete replacement.

The deployed Flame troopers have the same unit level as Seth. The pod itself doesn't consume a population slot, but the deployed Flame troopers do.

Any damage that the drill pod takes during the deployment will be translated directly to the Flame squad. If the pod is deployed near an anti-vehicle burst damage unit like Orca or M.L.R.S., the pod might get destroyed completely.


  • 2018-10-04: Drill pod cost increased to 80 (was 60)


Seth - Intel Report


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