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Atreides mission 5 is the fifth mission of the Atreides campaign in Dune 2000.


According to our spies, the Fremen are being held at the far Northwest corner of Sietch Tabr. Push your way through the Harkonnen ranks to rescue the hostages. Scout the terrain before you launch the main assault. Our Engineers must reach the Barracks, and capture it intact. The rest of the base can be razed to the ground. Additionally, there are rumors of an illegal Smuggling operation in the area. A large shipment of contraband is expected at the Smuggler's Starport. If you can capture the Starport before the contraband arrives, you will be able to confiscate it for the Atreides war effort. Be warned, the Smugglers have Mercenary allies who may assist them if you interfere.

Objective: Capture the Barracks at Sietch Tabr. Good luck.

Key additions[]

D2K MissileTank Icon D2K Carryall Icon D2K A HighTech Icon D2K GunTurret Icon D2K ResearchCenter Icon



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