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The EMP Patriot system was a variant of the Patriot missile system developed by General Alexis Alexander.

Game Structure[]

In addition to its explosive damage, the missile launched by the EMP Patriot releases an electromagnetic pulse that shuts down electronic systems, instantly immobilizing most vehicles for a limited time. In the case of aircraft this meant immediate destruction as deactivated planes or helicopters plunge into the ground; an immobilized ground vehicle would be pummeled by subsequent barrages that eventually destroy it. This capability makes EMP Patriot Systems even more effective against vehicles than their conventional counterparts; however, like the base structure, they are largely ineffective against infantry. Support aircraft associated with General's Powers were not disabled with the pulse, and had to be destroyed with conventional fire.


Unfortunately, EMP Patriot batteries had the same need for power as the standard Patriot missile system (though due to General Alexis Alexander's special power plants, this was less of a problem). The EMP Patriot's stun effect indiscriminately targets all vehicles caught in its AOE, potentially knocking out a friendly unit or even another EMP Battery (the batteries themselves are not immune to the EMP effect). It also has trouble targeting infantry on the move, which could often simply run right past it. Like the base Patriot, these shortcomings had to be covered by support units to ensure a complete defense.

The battery is outranged by most siege units. USA Generals could also use Avengers to destroy the incoming missiles, or a Microwave tank to quickly shut it down before it causes too much damage. The Auroras bomber can usually fly past a battery while in its supersonic flight mode, although splash damage from a nearby detonation can sometimes catch the aircraft in its area of effect. General Granger's aircraft can be just as effective, since almost all of them come with laser countermeasures that neutralize most missiles. The Chinese can rely on their ECM tanks to divert them, although diverted missiles can still affect nearby friendly units. Its weakness against infantry can be exploited specifically by the GLA's Angry Mobs. A GLA general could also attempt to bypass the battery completely and attack the power supply with Saboteurs, who can shut it off indirectly for 30 seconds if they get in a power-generating structure.



  • The EMP Patriot System was originally intended to emit a damaging aura not unlike Microwave Tanks, which would have greatly improved its effectiveness against infantry at close range. The feature was presumably cut for balancing reasons.

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